The name !MPACT was chosen for a reason . . . our goal is to impact our clients’ lives (all ages) as well as  our community – showing them ways to enhance their life-style through safe and effective fitness training and proper nutrition.  Young athletes need to fuel their bodies with just the right kind of calories.  And through proper instruction, they need to work on speed, agility, strength training, body conditioning and core training in order to become stronger, faster and more confident.  Adults need to achieve and maintain a healthy bodyweight by following just the right nutritional plan — and they need to incorporate cardiovascular exercise, resistance & weight training and lots of core work in order to have a strong, lean and healthy body.  We only get one body, so we need to treat it WORLD CLASS.  We want our clients to view “fitness” as a package that includes consistent training, a healthy nutritional plan, and let’s not forget the need to fuel their spirit with positive energy.  Now let’s throw in some ACCOUNTABILITY.  When you bring all these things together, wonderful things happen . . . happy clients, reaching their goals . . . that’s our plan.