Corporate Wellness & Teambuilding Program

 Are you the owner of a small company or a corporate executive who is charge of managing a department or team of employees?  Do you feel the employees who report to you are productive?  Are they confident with their own abilities?  Do they respect one another?  Do they work well together as a team or do you think something is missing?  How would you rate the culture within your department, the morale amongst your employees or the overall spirit of your group? Are you looking for a way to recognize and “appreciate” your staff and increase productivity?

Well, at !MPACT Training we are offering a half-day Corporate Wellness & Team Building Event that can increase productivity, promote a harmonious work environment, and bring out the best ineach individual employee.  These events are by appointment only, and are booked on Friday’s starting at 1:30 p.m. — concluding at 4:30 p.m.  The timing or agenda for this day is set up so your employees can work a half day in the morning, grab some lunch – then head over to !MPACT Training for an uplifting and game-changing event they will never forget.  If your company has its own training facility and meeting place where you prefer to have this event, Hillarie from !MPACT will come to you!  No matter where the location, employees come to this event dressed to work out (comfortable workout clothes and sneakers).  And here is what they can expect:

– WELCOME:  We begin promptly at 1:30 p.m. with a welcome and introduction of the participants, and briefly outline the agenda for the afternoon.

– POSITIVE ATTITUDE:  Brief Inspirational Lecture by Hillarie Scannelli (Owner of !MPACT Training).  This entertaining lecture makes participants aware that when they start their day on a positive note, it can create a chain reaction throughout the rest of their day.  Helpful day-to-day examples are given so the participants can relate it to their own experiences.  Participants are given helpful coping tools for dealing with stress and diversity, and they gain a better understanding about how important proper communication is when dealing with their family, friends and co-workers.

– IS YOUR LIFE BALANCED?  Next, everyone participates in a motivational writing exercise. This will get each person thinking deeply about the balance (or lack of balance) they may have in their personal life and professional career.   Participants have an opportunity to share their results (but it is completely optional).  Based on their results, the group participates in a second (brief) writing exercise that helps them create strategies for addressing the areas in their life or in their career that need more focus.

– NUTRITION:  !MPACT shares our best diet and nutritional secrets with your employees.  They get a complete education on how they should be eating to improve energy levels, decrease bodyfat, increase lean muscle, and feel better than they ever have before!  With the help of our sample diets, your employees will be able to start a healthier eating plan the very next day.  There is also a question & answer period so everyone leaves feeling confident they can set new fitness goals and implement a healthier nutrition plan.

– WORKOUT:  Now we break out into a fun, calorie-busting workout.  Your employees will have a blast – encouraging each other as they participate in a Total Development Training session with one of our Personal Trainers.  The equipment they will use is a lot of fun!  Nobody needs to be intimidated . . . there are variations to all the exercises so everyone can do it at their own pace.

– COOL-DOWN & STRETCH:  We finish off your afternoon with a great cool-down and stretch – followed by some deep breathing/meditation . . . So everyone is ready for a nice relaxing weekend and a great day back at work on Monday!

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