Virtual Coaching (Nutrition with Hillarie)

Virtual Coaching is the latest way people are setting and reaching their fitness goals — especially if they don’t live close enough to train with us at !MPACT.  The first 1-hour session via phone with Hillarie is a great way for the client to outline his/her fitness goals . . . whether it be weight-loss; improved energy levels; building muscle while decreasing bodyfat to get leaner and stronger; receiving workout programs (via email) to do on your own so you get the results you are looking for — or maybe you just need that motivation, knowing you are being held accountable to an expert in this field.  Your program can also be a combination of nutritional & dietary guidance along with exercise counseling.  And you will actually small have homework assignments depending on your goals.  As part of the initial session, you will also be emailed some nutritional info and general fitness handouts that you will go over with Hillarie so you have a good idea of what is expected of you in the weeks ahead.  If you are interested in weight-loss, you will be emailed a food log and exercise log that will be emailed back to Hillarie on a weekly basis (prior to your scheduled call).

After the initial 1-hour session, the next 5 weeks will be 30-minute sessions (via phone) to go over your food log — to talk about any obstacles or barriers you may have incurred — to talk about your exercise log — and to get inspired for the week ahead.  It’s really hard to do it alone, especially when your life is busy with so many other things . . . So working with Hillarie for 6 weeks is a great way to change your mindset, and become more focused on your fitness, your health, and your overall wellness, and to gain the knowledge about proper nutrition and exercise based on your goals.   *If you wish to continue for an additional 5 weeks, that can also be arranged.

Pricing:       $299 includes your initial 1-hour session plus 5 half-hour weekly sessions (total of 6 wks.)

*Additional 5 sessions (30 minutes) = $250