Nutrition & Fitness Lectures (For Large Groups)

In addition to providing counseling to individual clients and families, Hillarie has also given nutritional lectures to small corporations, schools and sports teams.  Hillarie is available to speak to large groups on a variety of topics within the fitness arena.  From the information provided in Hillarie’s lectures, participants are able to make lifestyle changes in order to “get healthier”.  Nutrition & Fitness lectures usually run about 1.0-1.5 hours, and informative handouts are provided for all attendees.  These lectures can be customized to cover topics like healthy eating, weight loss, sports nutrition, weight training, cardiovascular training, meal planning, etc.   All lectures can be customized based on age and fitness level of attendees.  All nutritional lectures cover the simple “science” behind healthy eating, which makes it easy for everyone to understand. A brief question and answer period is also included at the end of the lecture.

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Sometimes a family or a group of friends may choose to do nutritional counseling together. Please call for rates, since this is based on the number of participants. Here are the benefits:

– You will be able to support one another on a healthy eating program.

– The group nutritional sessions provide healthy eating guidelines and sample diets to help you understand how to implement these new concepts into your daily diet.

– Group nutritional counseling is also a great way to get the information you need at a discounted price.

– You will get your questions answered, put all the diet myths to rest, and get the facts on how to reach your goals.

– This session is also very interactive, so you will not be bored at all.

– Hillarie will also share some of her favorite protein supplements and snacks in an effort to introduce healthy options that maybe you wouldn’t have tried on your own.  If it turns out that you really enjoy any of the supplements we’ll let you know if we carry them @ !MPACT or advise you of the stores or websites where you can purchase them.

Your initial Family/Small Group Nutritional Session lasts about an hour and a half, and provides you with plenty of handouts so you can continue to read and absorb the information long after your session is over. Once you have completed your initial session, follow-up sessions can be arranged if you would like to have your food logs monitored and your progress tracked properly.  During any of these follow-up sessions, you would also be provided further guidance to ensure you are able to implement your nutrition plan effectively .  Topics discussed can include reiterating the meal-planning process (since that is often the crux of the problem), preparing your food shopping lists, learning new recipes, and discussing the obstacles and barriers you might be encountering.  These follow-up sessions will also include a WEIGH-IN (if weight loss or weight-gain is the goal), and this will provide the accountability factor that so many of us need to succeed.

Family/Small Group Nutrition Sessions can also include specifics on Sports Nutrition if you have young athletes in your family.  Here is more info on Family/Small Group Nutrition Sessions:

Nutrition equates to at least 75% of your success.  What we eat amounts to how we feel, look AND perform!  At this appointment you will gain a clear understanding of exactly what you need to eat and why.  Here are some other perks:

– Hillarie will teach you how to eat balanced meals – and how to work them into your daily routine/schedule.

– You will learn to eat healthy, “balanced meals” that will help you increase lean muscle and decrease bodyfat – and you will become lean, fit and strong!

– We talk about the importance of eating our calories – not “drinking them” (if your goal is to lose weight for health reasons or sports specific reasons).  And we talk about adding quality calories if you need to gain weight (especially if it is for a particular sport).

– With obesity and diabetes growing in the US every day, this session will also help you learn to eat so you reduce your chances of experiencing early stages of diabetes.

– Participants would keep a food log for one week prior to the appointment (and bring it with them) so we can discuss how their habits might need to change in order to achieve the results they are looking for.   If you are a busy and on-the-go kind of person and don’t always make the best choices, it is important to be able to take note of your present life-style so that we can set up a plan for success.

– Participants are advised to bring a notebook so they can jot down things that pertain to their personal likes and dislikes – and so they can also take food allergies into consideration as well

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