!MPACT Training offers this training in a few ways

(Click Here to see Stength & Conditioning on separate page although training can be combined!): 

1) You can book One-on-One Training so you (or your child or teen) gets individualized attention.  First we evaluate the athlete to outline their strengths, as well as any weaknesses they may have – then we create a customized training program accordingly.  We use cutting-edge equipment (see list below) to help them get faster and more agile through speed drills and agility exercises.  These sessions last one-hour and are by appointment only.   They can choose 30-Minute or 55-Minute Sessions.

2) You can find a small group of friends or team-mates to train together as part of our Semi-Private Training Program.  There is a minimum of 3 participants and a maximum of 6.  You gain the benefits of working with a personal trainer at a fraction of the cost for One-on-One Training.  And again, this session would be customized to meet the needs of the athletes.  These sessions last one hour and are by appointment only.

3)We offer a Private 30-Minute Vertimax Training using this cutting-edge equipment to help your athlete get faster and more explosive.  Please call for pricing for 30-minute private sessions. 

And during these training sessions, we use the same cutting-edge equipment as we do for One-on-One Training and Semi-Private Training. 


Speed, Agility, Strength & Conditioning — using cutting-edge equipment  Let us help your kids get CONDITIONED . . . . so they are ready for their sport of choice.  Call us at 908-428-7978 to find out more info or pricing.

The philosophy behind this type of training is geared towards helping athletes increase their strength while improving their speed and agility skills through a variety of speed drills, functional exercises, weighted drills, explosive exercises and instruction on proper technique.  An athlete can’t be fast if their mid-section (CORE) is not strong – and the flexibility of their hips also has a huge impact on their ability to change direction.  As you know, our bodies were designed to move forward – so running in a linear fashion is certainly easier and more natural than moving laterally (side-to-side).  However, most sports require lateral speed – and one of the biggest challenges for athletes is their ability to change direction quickly.  So this training will get them ready for anything — so they are ahead of their competition.  It’s a great way to cross-train during their sports season or to develop skill in the off-season.

Here is just SOME of the cutting-edge equipment they will use:

– Agility Ladders
– Hurdles
– Cortex Trainer
– TRX Suspension Training
– TRX Rip-Trainer
– Agility Dots and Rings
– Weights (machines and free-weights) – for strength training
– Plyo-Boxes
– Medicine Balls
– Slide Boards
– Sandbags
– Foam Rollers
– Bosu(s)
– Rebounders
– Weighted Sleds
– Weighted Ropes
– Kettlebells
– Resistance Tubing
– Agility Balls and more!