TRX Training:  The intials TRX stands for “Total body — Resistance — EXercise”  . . . This type of training is offered as SEMI-Private Training, and has a maximum of 5 participants to give you a little more individualized/private attention.  It is a great way to get strong.  We incorporate the use of TRX Suspension Training straps along with RIP Trainers in ALL of our group training sessions.  This type of resistance training will get your body lean and strong  while conditioning and strengthening ligaments and other connective tissue.  We also include the use of kettlebells for a great full-body workout.  Professional athletes use TRX suspension training, TRX Rip Trainers and Kettlebells as a way to build strength, endurance, core stabilization, and balance — and also to help reduce risk of injury. So why shouldn’t every fitness enthusiast do so.  It is extremely safe and great for beginners or advanced fitness enthusiasts.  During our group training sessions, we will also use slide-boards, medicine balls and other functional equipment as a way to promote joint integrity.

Please call us for pricing for Semi-Private Training, along with the dates and times this session is offered.