July Group Training Calendar: See attached PDF File towards bottom of home page. Just click on MONTHLY TRAINING CALENDAR to view our July training calendar for adults, teens and kids. Some MORNING SESSIONS and LUNCHTIME SESSIONS have shifted (just for the month of July) due to our kids’ camp schedule so please take a look. And we are still offering a Total Development Bootcamp on Friday’s at 1:00 p.m. for those who work a half day and then want to head to the beach for the weekend. Print out our calendar to keep it handy! Drop-ins welcome! It’s summertime, so we are eating more – therefore, we need to MOVE more! Please note, the CORE-Fit and CORE-Flex sessions have been temporarily removed from our group training calendar for July and August — but don’t worry, they will be back in the fall!

On Wednesday, JULY 4th, we are only open for 6:00 a.m. bootcamp in addition to morning one-on-one personal training sessions. We will be CLOSED for the evening Group Training sessions (5:30 Teens and 6:30 Bootcamp).

NEW Referral Program!: We were thinking of ways to THANK our present clients for bringing new clients to !MPACT Training. It doesn’t get any better than the new Referral Plan we are rolling out July 1st! If you bring a friend who signs up for Unlimited Group Training ($150) or a 10-Pack of Personal Training Sessions, you will get your Unlimited Group Training at HALF PRICE! That’s right, you will only pay $75 for your Unlimited Monthly Training! If you bring two friends, yours training for the month is FREE. If you bring three friends, then you have a $75 credit towards the next month! Why are we offering such an unbelievable discount? Not only to thank our loyal clients, but we want YOUR friends to be a part of !MPACT Training. . . People like YOU . . . People who will continue to make our Total Development Bootcamps a ton of fun! And we can all get into the best shape of our lives together! This referral program applies to the teen and kids’ programs too – it applies to referral who signs up for Unlimited Training or Personal Training Packages.

“TAKE IT ON THE ROAD” TRAINING . . . !MPACT STYLE: We realize that many of our clients have vacation plans during July & August, so we want them to stay in shape while they are away too! !MPACT Training is providing our clients with a 30-minute workout they can do anywhere (hotel room, shore house or even on the beach)! We will be incorporating this 30-minute workout into the beginning portions of all of our bootcamps during the first week of July – in fact we will start on Friday, June 29th for those who are getting ready to leave for vacation! And all clients will receive a typed copy so they can take it with them ON THE ROAD. We take care of our clients so they stay on track!

IT’S NOT TOO LATE TO GET YOUR CHILD OR TEEN REGISTERED FOR OUR SPORTS PERFORMANCE CAMP (week of July 23rd and week of July 30th – ages 10-17 – Monday through Friday from 1:00 – 4:00 p.m.): Football & Lacrosse programs start in August – so the last two weeks in July are perfect! They will be ready for any fall sport. We work on speed, agility, quickness, strength, conditioning, and most of all CORE training. An athlete needs a strong core to be able to change direction. And we use cutting-edge equipment including: TRX Suspension Training, TRX Rip Trainers, kettle bells, weighted ropes, plyo-blocks, Coretex Trainers, medicine balls and more! Your child or teen will enhance their performance and self-confidence in just one week! Give your child or teen that competitive edge so they are ready for their sport of choice this fall. We also cover sports nutrition so they learn how to “fuel” their bodies for optimal performance. Please call for registration forms (space is limited): 908-428-7978.

Girl Scouts & Boy Scouts are welcome at !MPACT Training: So far we’ve had a few scout troops come to our facility as a way of doing a group activity or even as a way to earn merit badges. We will cater their hour-long session to meet their troop objectives. Some of the groups who have come so far, did a nice combination of nutrition along with a fun exercise circuit to help get their bodies stronger. The nutritional portion is fun and interactive, and during the exercise circuit, we use our cutting-edge equipment so they will have the time of their lives. We offer this training at a HUGE discount to Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts (minimal fee per child/teen), so please inquire if you are interested in having us work with your kids. This is a great way for us to give back to our community and make a difference in our kids’ lives.

FREE Yogurt Parfaits for our Saturday morning bootcampers!: We decided to leave the oven OFF over the summer! Instead of our freshly baked cakes (with added protein powder and MILA seeds), some Saturday’s we will be serving refreshing yogurt parfaits to our 6:00 a.m. and 7:30 a.m. bootcampers, along with refreshing, ice-cold cucumber water . . . Just another incentive to get your butts to bootcamp in the morning – and a wonderful way to replenish your muscles after a workout. At !MPACT we use 0% fat, plain, Greek yogurt sweetened with a sprinkle of french vanilla whey protein powder, topped with fresh fruit and a dash of Bare Naked Protein Granola.

Another Way to Make !MPACT in our community: !MPACT Training has agreed to volunteer our time and resources to work with the young athletes in our Jr. Raider organization. Owners, Hillarie & Michael Scannelli, along with !MPACT Trainer, Dan DelGuercio, will start up the Jr. Raider Conditioning Program at the Triangle Complex on Monday, July 2nd, from 6:00 – 8:00 p.m. We are also preparing handouts for the coaches which outline specific exercises and drills they can use throughout the month of July during their training (Monday’s and Wednesday evenings from 6:00 – 8:00). Michael and Hillarie have been coaching (in some capacity) for the Jr. Raiders organization for the past five seasons, and are looking forward to being a part of the upcoming season! Watch out, these kids are gonna be stronger, faster and more confident – we promise!

Delicious Smoothie Recipe! This smoothie is not only delicious, but it is packed with balanced nutrition and will really fill you up so you are not hungry for hours! It is a Banana/Almond Smoothie, and here is what you will need: ¾ cup Almond Milk (I buy the Almond Breeze brand with 40 calories), 1 ripe banana, ½ cup of plain Greek Yogurt, 1 tablespoon of natural Almond Butter, ½ scoop of vanilla protein powder (I like Designer Whey), and a sprinkle of Stevia/natural sweetener (to taste). Put all these ingredients into your blender – add chopped ice – and blend. It is super refreshing and so good for you! Since this adds up to about 350 calories (perfect!), use this as a meal replacement for one of your meals during the day (like breakfast or lunch) and watch your waist-line shrink!

!MPACT Training has a monthly drawing with those who enter their email address on home page of our website – and they win BIG discounts on training! . . . Congrats to: Susan Celia and Lori Ferrazzoli who both won a $50 discount coupon to use towards Unlimited Group Training They can use for themselves or for their kids or teens! So if these gals came to !MPACT three times per week, they would get their monthly training (WITH ONE OF OUR ELITE TRAINERS) at the rate of $12.50 per session! Many of our clients come for Group Training four times per week, and they are seeing amazing results with their bodies (only paying $9.38 per session!). Please contact us, girls, to take advantage of your prize!

Our FREE Training for the Jr. Raiders was a huge success! On June 18th and 19th, we offered FREE Total Development Training sessions for Jr. Raider football players (grades 3rd through 8th). We had a total of 40 kids who came to train like a professional athletes, using cutting-edge equipment. Not only did we have an awesome turnout, but parents were raving their kids were sweating and working hard yet they still had a great time. Great way to show the kids that hard work pay off . . . Totally one of the reasons we opened !MPACT Training!

What’s your favorite part about our newsletter? Is it the occasional healthy recipe, the specials we offer on training at !MPACT, or the “Dear Hillarie” letters we share that answer diet and training questions from some of our readers? Let us know . . . we’d love to provide more of what you enjoy!

SPARTAN RACE: Are you looking to train like a Spartan or WARRIOR? This is some serious training, but I have to say, I’m tempted! Wouldn’t it be cool to train for something – set a goal, and then reach it? Martin Nielson is the leader/coordinator of this team, and if you have any questions about these races, please contact him at: mrobnielsen@gmail.com. His group is running under Team Limitless for this race. Here’s a video of the race Martin’s team recently completed – to give you an idea of the type of obstacles involved — just cut and paste this link into your browser: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=LJQ0h_g8J8o
Reach out to Martin if you are interested in setting your sights on an upcoming race! Then get up and start training….We can help at !MPACT. We will get your body stronger and faster and ready for this race!

College Special! If you are home from college for the summer, we’d love to offer you discount training! Our Unlimited Group Training is normally $150 per month – but we are offering it to you for only $99. Go back to school in September in the best shape ever! Stop in to register today! We specialize in athlete training too, so let us help you take your training up a notch to help you improve your overall performance.

Beach Body Results! Congratulations to those who took on our 21-Day Beach Body Challenge and succeeded! This was a special program we run several times per year, and it included an educational nutrition lecture so the participants would understand how to change their eating habits to succeed, and were given a specific diet to follow for 21 days. It was also bundled with training her at !MPACT so the participants had all the tools they needed to succeed. And lastly, we privately measured and weighed each person to track their progress. Some people had big weight-loss goals, while others only had no real pounds/weight to lose but wanted to tighten and tone their mid-section. All of the participants raved about their energy levels while taking on the challenge. We are delighted to report the outcome of our program:

Joanne R. LOST 7.0” AND 5.40 lbs.
Andrea W. LOST 11.25” AND 5.60 lbs.
Jen S. LOST 10.75” AND 7.0 lbs.
Deb N. LOST 8.25″ AND 14.40 lbs.
Suzie B. LOST 13.00” AND 10.0 lbs.
Bev S. LOST 15.25” AND 5.40 lbs.
Rose S. LOST 11.75” AND 13.0 lbs.
Maria R. LOST 8.00” AND 6.6 lbs.
Diane O. LOST 5.75” AND — lbs.
Ashley S. LOST 13.25” AND 4.0 lbs.
Courtney K. LOST 3.74 ” AND -0- lbs.

By: Dan Del Guercio, Certified Personal Trainer, ASCM, NCSF

Just because you do not start at linebacker for the New York Jets does not mean that you should not train like an athlete. From the time an athlete wakes up in the morning until the time they go to sleep they need to worry about how their actions will impact their career. This attitude is especially applied to their training. You will very rarely find a “top-tier” athlete who does not warm-up properly. Slacking off in the gym or doing exercises improperly is another no-no for serious athletes. When you look at flexibility and mobility, it is often the more limber athlete that has the better career and lower risk of injury. This combination of principles is what helps athletes stay on track, but also can help everyday people stay healthier, leaner, and injury-free.

Dynamic warm-ups (moving stretches) have been proven to be the most effective way to prepare for sports and exercise. However, a lot of people think that since they are not athletes this does not really apply to them. They could not be more wrong. You always want to prepare your body for any kind of heavy strain you are going to place on it. In addition to warming up your cardiovascular system (heart), be sure to warm-up your knees, hips and shoulders since these areas can be prone to injury.

Focusing on form is a necessity in any athlete’s workout plan. The same should apply to everyone. Many times everyday life can make getting to the gym tough, but when you get there it is important to make sure your form is correct. Doing exercises with bad form is just asking for an injury.

For an athlete this could mean monetary loss, and for an everyday person the loss could be the same. If you are an avid exercise enthusiast who hurts themselves training recreationally, you may have to take time off work. Sometimes an injury only means you cannot exercise, but if it is something you love to do it is a major bummer. All of these potential losses can be avoided by paying careful attention to what you are doing.

Always, always, always remember to cool down and stretch after exercising. Sometimes athletes cool down for up to an hour after exercising. From a cardiovascular standpoint you want to be able to regulate your heart rate back down to rest. However, when it comes to your muscles and joints it is important to elongate your muscles back to their natural position. During an intense workout your muscle fibers are broken down (microscopically) and because of this, they can get tight. The tighter you are, the more prone you are to injury, and nobody wants that. Proposing that you stretch every muscle group is a bit unrealistic. Therefore, stretch the muscles you targeted that day (i.e., if you worked your chest stretch your chest).

Following all of these principles gives an athlete the best chance for staying on the field. It also applies to everyday people that just want to live happier, more active lives. A more effective warm-up equals a more efficient workout. Stretching chronically promotes better flexibility and mobility, leaving you less susceptible to injury. You only get one body . . . treat it world class!

!MPACT Menu: Trying to find a local restaurant where you can get a healthier bite to eat? Hillarie Scannelli, owner/!MPACT, and Antonio Ruffa, owner/Caffe Piazza, have come up with the solution! This !MPACT menu is really helpful when you are trying to make a healthier choice, and it is extremely helpful for busy families who are on-the-go and don’t have time to cook. Tony at Caffe Piazza uses protein-enriched pasta & lean meatballs and offers a “baked chicken parm” instead of the traditional fried version. The portions are calorie controlled and just right. These menu items are perfectly balanced with proteins and carbs, and if you want something a little lower in carbs, their Cajun shrimp or chicken over mixed greens is perfect! Stop in to visit Caffe Piazza today – 649 Route 206 in Hillsborough (in the same strip mall with Stop-N-Shop). When you call your orders in, be sure to mention you want the !MPACT Menu: (908) 359-9494

Local Business Plugs:
You might be looking for a particular service – so let me refer one! These are all business I (personally) use and would highly recommend! I’ll continue to add a few more – so be sure to take a look:

New Generation IT – Thomas Liu, IT Consultant I had computer virus and almost lost everything on my laptop that was only a few months old! Tom was able to clean out my computer and all my data was saved! Keep his number handy (848)565-5269 or email: thomas@thruliu.com.

CATERING SERVICES & PRIVATE HOME COOKING DEMONSTRATIONS – JDA Catering: J. Daniel Alfaro – Executive Chef: Do you need a caterer for a special event? Or maybe would you enjoy an elegant home cooking demonstration with friends? Maybe you you’d like to plan a romantic anniversary dinner for two cooked at your own home by a professional chef? If you need anything like this, look no further . . . Chef Danny is a sophisticated, executive chef who will turn an ordinary event into something spectacular. Danny catered our Grand Opening Party and even the breakfast table looked chic with beautiful yogurt parfaits in champagne flutes. You can see some of the pictures of his food displays by going to our home page – click on MEDIA then click on PHOTOS. You can e-mail Danny @: jda2384@gmail.com or call him: (708) 426-8526

UPPERCASE LIVING: Betsy Toland If you love all the inspirational quotes and pictures on the walls at !MPACT, contact Betsy. Uppercase Living brings the incredible expressiveness of words into homes, transforming them into more wonderful places to live. Not only does Betsy provide a professional installation, but she also makes great suggestions with regards to colors and size. These make beautiful accents for your home! Wanna have an Uppercase Living Party at your home to get discounts on your own purchases, drop Betsy an email betjentol@verizon.net

NORZ HILL FARM: Support your local farmers! Many Thanks to Norz Hill Farm for the wonderful job they did at our Grand Opening. They set up a tent in our parking lot and everyone who stopped by could plant seeds to grow their own healthy salad – and they left with the greatest little set of pots to plant. Thank you Deb and Rich you’re your kids too!) for helping make our day a huge success. Check out their website to learn more and to find out their hours of operation: www.norzhillfarm.com

VIDEO PRODUCTION: Kristyna Barbella – she’s unbelievable! Kristyna has been doing all my video work (even the latest ones for my BOOTCAMP & my Fit & Fun Camp!). She is so creative and professional, and you will love your finished product. She also does web-design work. Check out her website: www.kbarbella.com

IN-HOUSE MASSAGE: You can have a wonderfully, relaxing massage right in the privacy of your own home. References available upon request – and I can say “I” am one of her satisfied clients! For info or an appointment, call Meg Shelton, Certified Massage Therapist at 908-369-9352.

PRINCETON ORTHOPEDICS: Luke Ryan – Physician’s Assistant will get you the help you need. I have several personal training clients who have had multiple shoulder issues and tennis elbow – and they received the most unbelievable treatment from Luke at Princeton Ortho! Please call and ask for Luke 609-924-5044

ARBONNE International: Have you heard of a great line of skincare products from Arbonne International – and you weren’t sure how to get your hands those products? Reach out to Independent Consultant, Margaret Janaszik, and she will be happy to show you these incredible products. I love the RE9 skin care products (for more mature skin – like mine!). You will find a notable difference in 24 hours after trying these products. Host a party, and you will get some free items – or you can become an Arbonne representative and receive discounted prices every time you shop — totally worth it! Contact Margaret at mjanaszik@yahoo.com – cell: 732-735-6254 (If shopping on-line, Margaret’s ID# is: 18826855). All products patent pending and chemical free – formulated in Switzerland and manufactured in the US. Awesome skin care line!

Childcare services – Hillsborough, NJ: Jenie Van Cleef is a young energetic Mom of three children, and can provide your toddlers and children with a fun and safe environment @ her Hillsborough home. Please call Jenie if you would like to obtain references or speak more about her availability. You can email her at: jenievancleef@yahoo.com or call her at: (908) 829-0363

SPORTS PHYSICAL THERAPY: This is a great place to go for any type of physical rehab – and boy, are did a great job on my lower-back pain! They handle everything from ligament sprains to arthritic pain. I have always had a strong core and lower back, but I guess my age (47), my strenuous training routine/6 days per week, and the long hours I spend on my feet every day as a trainer can often take a toll on my lower back. Every now and again, it just tightens up and I am in a lot of pain. I heavily rely on the physical therapists at Sports Physical Therapy to get me mobile and pain free again! They have multiple locations, and one of the partners, Jeff Erickson, is a neighbor of mine – great guy! Can’t say enough about what an awesome facility this is! Hillsborough location: 908-359-8800, Princeton (609) 419-0455, Somerset (732) 565-5455, Flemington (908) 806-2000.

INTERIOR & EXTERIOR RENOVATION & BUILDER CO.: Pro Builders Plus, Hillsborough — Walt handles everything from roofing and siding, to interior renovations, and additions, etc. – quality work at competitive prices: Walt has done work for everyone in my neighborhood! References available: Call Walt at 908-369-7562 (references are available!).

REALTOR: Are you looking to buy a new home or sell your current home? You really need someone who understands what you want and isn’t going to waste your time. Melissa is not only professional to deal with, but understands that families are the most important thing and so is the home they live in. Call Melissa Martin of Weichert Realtors — cell: 908-656-4070 or email: melissamartin@weichert.com

FRANKLIN MEDICAL GROUP: Dr. Steven DelMaestro (MD, Internal Medicine) of Hillsborough, NJ was approached to head up Franklin Medical Group – a new medical practice affiliated with Somerset Medical Hospital. Before taking on this new venture, Dr. DelMaestro had his own practice for 22 years, operating out of his offices in New Brunswick and North Brunswick (NJ). So . . . when is the last time you had a complete physical? Your health is so important – and so is finding a doctor who cares and actually takes the time to get to know you and your health history. Maybe you are presently getting medical care from a practice that is so huge – with so many different doctors that you feel it lacks that personal touch. Make your health a priority: 908-685-2526 (located @ Franklin Commons, 454 Elizabeth Avenue, Suite 210, Somerset, New Jersey).

DRAGONFLY.COM: Do you have a new business or a growing business that needs a “face-lift”? Log on to get more info: www.dragonflyds.com Dragonfly Design Studio will create your business identity, logo design, business cards, invitations and stationary, brochures & mailers, letterheads, and photo retouching & manipulation.

WILLS: Do you presently have a will? It may sound like something you can put off, but wouldn’t you like to make sure your family is taken care of – just the way you want? Tiffany Moore, Esq. can help simplify the process so you can rest easy, knowing everything is outlined properly – and she’ll make sure you don’t forget anything or anyone. And we are not just talking about monetary issues – what about guardians for your children or your pets in the unfortunate event something happens to you? Everyone should have a will — Don’t put it off another day . . . Gain piece of mind: Call Tiffany @ (908) 797-3198 or email her @: jtmoore98@msn.com

HILLSBOROUGH VACUUM: OK – Let’s get ready for summer – let’s do some SPRING CLEANING. Call Hillsborough Vacuum to help! Besides selling vacuum cleaners and central systems, and servicing & repairing vacuums, did you know that they have an array of services including carpet cleaning, tile & grout cleaning, hardwood restoring, and more?! They are a local and trusted company for over 10 years! Please check out their informative website. www.hillsboroughvacuum.com

LIA SOPHIA JEWELRY: Contact Becky Regan @ scooch23@comcast.net. If you are interest in purchasing anything please send Becky an email! ALSO, if anyone is interested in hosting a party, Becky will be donating $50 per party to Shelter Survivors Animal Rescue of Bridgewater.

TRANQUILITY ACCUPUNCTURE: Denise Janiec-Domino is a Certified Acupuncturist and can be reached at (908) 874-8344 (located in Hillsborough and Lebanon, NJ). Denise provides great relief to those with back pain and migraines – and can help in so many other areas (weight loss, fertility issues, etc.). Treat yourself to great things in 2011 – and consider making acupuncture one of them!

PLUMBER: J. Johnson Plumbing & Heating, LLC. Licensed and Insured (great guy – very reasonable – and reliable). Call “J” at 908-874-6619

Check out this great website: http://hillsborough.macaronikid.com/
This website lists all upcoming events and happenings for kids in our communities throughout New Jersey. Log on to see the fun local happenings.

IN-HOUSE PERSONAL TRAINING: Anne Finetto, Hillsborough, NJ. Unfortunately, I no longer have availability to do in-house training. Therefore, I am happy to recommend a colleague and friend, Anne Finetto (trainer & fitness director for Rutgers University). Anne will come to your home to provide “in-house training”. She can assess your present home-gym equipment or make affordable suggestions for basic equipment you will need — and she has some early morning timeslots and some other hours available for training! Anne has a dynamic personality and a passion for fitness — as I do – which is why I love her! You can reach her via email: annefinetto@yahoo.com or via cell phone: 732-735-9835

PODIATRIST: Dr. Brandon Zuklie, LLC – Podiatrist: Treats any and all issues of the foot and ankle, from warts to stress fractures and all other athletic injuries. Treats children as well as adults, and accepts most insurance plans. Address: 1161 202N Branchburg (in the same strip mall near Phil’s Pizza and Texas Liquor — by Imclone and Chubb). Other offices in Piscataway and Monroe, NJ – for more info: www.drzuklie.com

In Motion Meals: !MPACT Training (formerly Fitness by Hillarie) supports and promotes “In Motion Meals”!! Whether you are an elite athlete who needs quality calories or someone who is simply trying to reach your fitness and weight-loss goals, then In Motion Meals is for you. Some of you have such a hectic schedule with your career or with your family (carpooling to a variety of sporting and social events for your kids), and you might be struggling each week to make healthy meals that can help you reach your fitness goals. I try to do a fair amount of cooking on a Sundays so I have leftovers to use for dinners during the week or for lunches during the week. But even that can be hard if you have a busy calendar on the weekends. In Motion Meals is a New Jersey based company that makes delicious (calorie conscious) meals that are balanced with proteins and carbs and made fresh (with no preservatives)– and then they use a special flash freezing process so these meals can be delivered to your door All the calories have been counted for you and are listed on the menu. All the proteins and carbs have been balanced for you – and the meals are home-cooked meals that are convenient and will help you stay on track with your diet plan. If you want to learn more about this great service, just log onto their website: www.inmotionmeals.com. If you decide to order some meals, please let them know that Fitness by Hillarie sent you. On the order page, just enter fitnessbyhill and you will receive a special discount. You must hit the validate button under the referral code box for the pricing to change.

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