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Hillarie Scannelli, owner and head trainer at !MPACT Training is also certified in various areas of nutrition in order to help her clients succeed.   Below is what to expect from nutrition appointments scheduled at !MPACT:

Nutrition Appointments are broken down in a few ways, since some people really need One-on-One attention to address their personal needs, while others benefit greatlyy from Virtual Coaching Sessions  so they can do these appointments conveniently from their home or office.  Nutritional & Fitness Lectures for Larger Groups and Sports Teams can also be arranged, as well as Family Nutrition.

Although all of Hillarie’s nutritional counseling sessions are customized based on each client or group’s personal goals, the basics of healthy eating and the importance of balancing meals is stressed at every appointment.  Whether your goal is weight loss (decreasing bodyfat), weight gain (increasing lean muscle mass), or weight management, Hillarie can provide the guidance you need to reach your fitness goals.  Age, health, fitness level, and fitness goals are all taken into consideration.  You can choose to cover topics like:

–          The Basics For Healthy Eating — A Healthy Lifestyle That Will Last A Lifetime

–          Weight Loss and Weight Management

–          Nutritional Cleansing for Optimal Health & Weight Reduction

–          Sports Nutrition – Fueling The Body For Optimal Performance

–          Family Nutritional Counseling – How to get your whole family on board!

–          Healthy Eating For Kids or Teen Athletes

–          How To Improve Your Energy Levels with Power Foods

–          How To Make A Complete Body Transformation

–          Cleansing/Detox Program (a great way to reset your metabolism and gain excellent health benefits, including weight-loss)

Please note that if the appointment is a one-on-one appointment for your child/teenager who needs to lose weight, gain weight or needs sports nutritional services, a parent MUST attend the session so the nutritional plan we outline can be implemented at home.  In that instance, there is no charge for the parent to attend.