ZONE Training @ !MPACT

Real People . . . Real Results

At !MPACT Training we want to help our clients SET and REACH their fitness goals.  For those who are interested in using the latest technology, our trainers are prepared to turn ALL of your workouts into ZONE Training – whether you are coming for personal training, bootcamps or strength training!

This new Zone training method involves using a special heart-rate monitor (chest strap) that is connected to your cell phone (Bluetooth) –so you can easily glance at the display on your phone to see the zone you are operating in during your workout.  It is completely optional for our clients.  Some want this cutting-edge technology, along with our trainer’s expertise during their workouts – while others may prefer their FitBit, Polar Heart Rate Monitor – or no tracking device at all (if they are just starting out).  Some people may be happy and content just to be incorporating regular training into their weekly routine while trusting our certified/degreed trainers to guide them safely and effectively.  Remember, everyone has different goals, so we are prepared to help EVERYONE – because at !MPACT, we meet you where you are, not where anyone “thinks” you should be. Below is a graph that shows you the different zones that would be displayed on your cell phone . . .

Some people have been sedentary for a while and just need to start exercising to get healthy.  Others have bigger goals where they want to improve aerobic and performance capacity while burning fat to lose weight.  And there are still others with even bigger goals who want to compete in a Spartan Race or run a marathon or half marathon.  So it doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or advanced fitness enthusiast, our certified/degreed personal trainers will help you take things up a notch so you are on track for success.

So if you are presently training with us (or would like to start joining us), and you would like to order your MZ3 Heart Rate Monitor, please let us know and we will get you set up!


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