This would make a great gift for yourself or for a Father’s Day present . . . And we have gift certificates too!  Just sayin!  You can be feeling AND looking your best for the summer months!  Here is what our June Special includes:

1- Three Months – Unlimited Group Training (3 consecutive months)

2- One 30-Minute Personal Training Session

3- One 30-Minute Nutrition Session to get you on track for success

This is a $489 value, and with this SPECIAL, it’s only $299 (You SAVE $190 and this will completely set you up for success as you SET and REACH your fitness goals in 2019!)  This special is for NEW CLIENTS only.  We accept cash, checks, VISA/MC/Discover/Amex.  Call Michael at 908-403-7605.

COLLEGE SPECIAL:  Most colleges finish up their semester by middle or end of May and students return to school sometime in August (depending on whether or not they play a sport).  So we are offering a special, rather than paying our regular Student Rate of $99, college students can train with us from May 13th through August 31st for only $199!!!  Call Michael to get started!  (908) 403-7605

ONE WEEK FREE TRIAL If you are new to !MPACT and would like to come for a FREE week of training, please CLICK HERE to print your Free Trial Pass, and give Michael a call to let him know when you would like to start your free week:  908-403-7605


CALLING ALL ATHLETES — FRIDAY NIGHT ELITE ATHLETE CAMP – STARTS IN JUNE (5:30 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.):  These will take place on Fridays during the month of June.  No matter what sport you play (lacrosse, football, soccer, wresting, etc.), YOU need to work on speed, explosiveness, change of direction, first step, agility, AND STRENGTH TRAINING.  You can’t wait for training camp to start in August . . . So every Friday night during the month of June, we are offering a 90-minute training session for athletes (This ELITE ATHLETE CAMP is for both boys and girls who are entering 8th grade in September – as well as freshman through seniors).  Our Certified Personal Trainers will help athletes to improve speed, agility, balance, strength, plyometrics/explosiveness, core control, and step quickness through drills using ladders, hurdles, cones, bags, and our Vertimax Trainer & CoreTex Trainer.  If you are not familiar with the Vertimax, this patented, jump-training technology is specifically designed to power in all phases of a vertical jump – which is great for every sport.  AND we will also be doing collegiate lifts including deadlifts, bench pressing, barbell squats & shoulder presses (with concentration on proper form).  This will give your athlete confidence as they head onto the field or into the weight room this fall.  We also provide them with helpful sports nutrition info, so they understand how to fuel for optimal performance.  These sessions start at 5:30 p.m. and will finish at 7:00 p.m. Dynamic warm-ups and foam rolling will start off the session — and proper stretching at the end is something every athlete needs.  Don’t miss out on registration . . . We are limiting the number of athletes so they gain the most from EACH session, so call TODAY (908) 428-7978.



If you are an elite athlete, fitness enthusiast or weekend warrior, this is an event you will NOT want to miss.  In order to enhance performance, improve your time, or improve stamina, strength and endurance, you must learn to FUEL your body properly.  We will also be covering weight-loss AND weight-gain (for sports), and most of all, we will be covering how to build and preserve lean muscle during the process.  So please join me for this FREE event on:  Friday, June 7th, 2019 from 7:00 – 8:00 p.m. at !MPACT Training.  You DO NOT NEED TO BE AN IMPACT CLIENT TO ATTEND.  This seminar that will teach you “what to eat” and “when to eat”.  Nutrient timing is KEY, and nutrition equates to 85% of your success.  So if you need to clean up your act (literally!), then please CALL TO RESERVE YOUR PLACE:  Michael 908-403-7605.



We are offering a few “Special Events & BONUS WORKOUTS” on select Sunday’s during JUNE – and all are FREE for present clients and only a $15 drop-in fee for those who are not presently training with us:

Sunday, June 2nd at 8:00 a.m. sharp!:  CORE & Flexibility Session.  This is a 55-minute workout and there is no cardio or weight training.  It is something your body could really use as a “change-up” to your present workout routine!  You will perform numerous exercises to strengthen your core, elongate your muscles and work towards improved flexibility.  In addition to bodyweight exercises, we will be using a variety of fitness “toys” during this session including balance pads, TRX Suspension Straps, Pilates rings, resistance bands, medicine balls, physio-balls and more!

Sunday, June 9th at 8:00 a.m. sharp!:  Special Bonus Workout: YOGA with Erin.

Sunday, June 23rd at 8:00 a.m. sharp!: Special Bonus Workout: YOGA with Erin.

YOGA!!!  As mentioned above, we are so excited to welcome Erin Chung (Certified Yoga Instructor) to our IMPACT Team, as she will be offering Yoga classes on select Sundays at 8:00 a.m. These yoga sessions are 55-minutes and will be a nice mix of beginner yoga moves/poses with the opportunity to increase the level of challenge based on your abilities.  In addition to the newsletter, you can also see these yoga sessions listed on our Monthly Training Calendar on our website (at the bottom of our home page).

JUNE GROUP TRAINING SCHEDULE (CLICK HERE):  PLEASE CHECK OUT OUR CALENDAR THAT IS CHOCK-FULL OF AMAZING TRAINING SESSIONS TO HELP YOU REACH YOUR GOALS.  Why is our Group Training different than a big box gym where you can take classes or work out on your own? You are ALWAYS led by a Certified or Degreed Personal Trainer – not just a fitness coach who was certified by the gym where they work.  Great trainers are hard to find . . . but we take our time and we choose high-level trainers who are ready to motivate you and guide you, every single session!  We are a training facility that offers personal training, multi-level bootcamps (so all fitness levels are welcome), elite athlete training, weight-training sessions, weight-loss programs, nutrition and more!  Please check out our schedule as we offer programs for adults, teens and kids.  Questions?  Give us a call:  (908) 428-7978!  #investinyou


Thursday, June 13th — Learn About Nutritional Cleansing & Sample the Products!

FREE EVENT:  THURSDAY, JUNE 13TH 7:00-8:30 P.M. — DO YOU WANT TO LEARN MORE ABOUT NUTRITIONAL CLEANSING?  Maybe you want to improve your energy levels because you are tired of feeling sluggish every afternoon . . . maybe you want to lose weight before your beach vacation . . . or maybe a recent visit to your doctor prompted you to think about taking charge of your health . . . Well this SIP & SAMPLE Event will tell you everything you need to know, and you get to sample some of the products! This is going to be a truly inspiring event where you will not only learn about healthy eating and how to make simple, healthy recipes, but you will learn about weight-loss and weight-management — which is super helpful as the summer months approach.  Whether you have a lot of weight to lose or a little . . . or you are just looking to reset your metabolism and improve energy levels, this event is for YOU.  You do NOT need to be a client at !MPACT to come for this FREE event.  PLEASE CALL TO RESERVE YOUR PLACE:  Hillarie 908-403-7620.


CONGRATS ERIN MOORE!  Erin (pictured above) trained with us as she prepared to enter West Point.  Erin lettered in 6 sports while she attended Hillsborough High School, and she was excited to start her training to serve our country.  We are super excited to announce Erin is graduating from West Point on August 9th, 2019 — Commissioning 2LT (United States Military Academy).  We couldn’t be more proud Erin and we hope you will stop in to train with us when your schedule permits.  You look amazing in your uniform too – your family must be super proud as well!! #proudtobeanamerican #thankyouforyourservice

GREAT JOB TEAM !MPACT!  A bunch of our bootcampers got together to enter The City Challenge in Jersey City on Saturday, June 20, 2019 (CLICK HERE to see photo in our FULL Newsletter).  This race consisted of a 5K run mixed with fun and challenging obstacles throughout the city.  Great job Team !MPACT . . . love how you represent us with your Team !MPACT shirts:  Stacy Bisco, Frank Delcore, Renee Delcore, Lynda Witcoski, Dave Barker, Mauricio Barajas, Dan Wolen, Kim & Shawn Kirwan, Leigh & Niles Johnson, Sara Grieco, Mahesh Viswanathan, Rich Princiotta, Dennis & Alyson Knox and Don Cavaliere.  Love that you guys keep doing these races together – and most of you met each other at IMPACT!!!  YAHOO!!!!!!!!

WAY TO GO DAN WOLEN!  Dan is one of our bootcampers (pictured above) who is actively involved with Spartan Races and Tough Mudder Races . . . These pictures were from the Toughest Mudder Eastern Regional event in Philadelphia.  This was a 10-HOUR EVENT – that went throughout the night!!!!!!  Congrats on another race well-done, Dan.  You’re amazing, pal, and great pictures!!!!

CONGRATS TO SARA GRIECO AND MAURICIO BARAJAS . . . Pictured above — Who completed the Citifield Spartan on April 13th!  It’s a 5K, and a TOUGH one at that.  With it taking place in the stadium, being physically fit is a MUST.  Congrats on your first Spartan Race, Sara Grieco, and Mauricio this must be part of you working towards that Spartan Trifecta Medal . . . Go Mauricio!!


FIT & FUN CAMP (for children ages 7-13):  They will have a blast participating in a fun fitness circuit, having relay races, playing kickball, dodgeball and more!  Kids are broken up into age appropriate groups for training.  THIS YEAR CAMP WILL BE THE WEEK OF JULY 8TH — Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 noon.  Space is limited so reserve your place now!  The only way to reserve your place is to fill out the 2019 registration form and waiver, along with providing payment. Camp is only $145 per child/per week.  We also offer a $10 discount for siblings.  Call Michael to get your Registration forms at 908-428-7978


THANK YOU to Abby & Candace Reigrod! . . . Abby (age 12) decided that rather than accept birthday gifts, she preferred if people donated money or gift cards to give to the beneficiaries of Steps Together.  Since I am on the board, Candace handed me this envelop to turn into the founders of Steps Together.  I was literally shocked at how sweet and genuine this was for her to do.  Steps Together is an amazing charity for families in Somerset County who are in medical crisis.  Thank you Abby and Candace being wonderful clients and for coordinating this generous effort.  And Abby, your selflessness is incredible and quite commendable.  Thank you so much!

SAVE THE DATE – Sunday, October 6, 2019 – 9:00 a.m.:  Steps Together Charity Bootcamp @ University Orthopaedic Associates (2 Worlds Fair Drive, Somerset, NJ) — Please arrive between 8:30 and 8:45 a.m. to check-in.  This is a bootcamp Hillarie will be organizing so please come out for a morning of fun (adults and teens 13+).  A donation of $20 or more will be collected on the morning of the event upon check-in  Cash or checks (made payable to Steps Together).  Here is the link to view the flyer and to register:  https://www.uoanj.com/Oct6CharityBootcamp/


Cabbage, Cucumber Salad – Perfect Side-Dish for Summer Months! CLICK HERE to view/print recipe


SPEED, AGILITY, STRENGTH & CONDITIONING – ELITE ATHLETE TRAINING (AGES 13-17):  Let us help your athlete get faster, stronger and learn proper running form, along with learning about Sports Nutrition so they fuel their bodies for optimal performance. These 55-minute sessions will build core strength, increase speed & quickness, and condition their bodies to improve overall performance.  This program is a combination of weights and speed/endurance training, so it’s perfect for any athlete.  Most of all, our trainers will help build CONFIDENCE in your kids/teens.  The Elite Athlete Program are discounted group sessions – and they will receive “Unlimited Training” for teens 13-17.  We also offer one-on-one sessions or partner sessions for those who want to work with a trainer on a more specific goal.  We can help them address their weaknesses so they are ready for their next season.  Call us at 908-428-7978 or email: Michael@ImpactTraining-NJ.com

OUR LATEST IMPACT TRAINING COMMERCIAL!:  We are so excited to share the new commercial that plays before EVERY movie at the Hillsborough Cinema.  Check it out here, and FEEL our energy, knowledge and passion for what we do:  https://youtu.be/aDMtOHiv4FQ

FOR THOSE WHO ARE WONDERING ABOUT OUR “ZONE” TRAINING:  We want to help our clients SET and REACH their fitness goals.  For those who are interested in using the latest technology, our trainers are prepared to turn ALL of your workouts into ZONE Training – whether you are coming for personal training, bootcamps, strength training or Elite Athlete Training!  This will help you burn fat and build lean muscle so you are fit and energized!  This new Zone training method involves using a special heart-rate monitor (chest strap) that not only connects to your cell phone app, but the minute you walk into IMPACT Training, your device connects via Bluetooth – so your name appears in a box on our giant-screen TV.  With this technology, you can simply glance at the display to see the zone you are training in during your workout.  This cutting-edge technology is completely optional for our clients, but so far everyone seems to want IN!  This new system not only displays the percentage of your max heart rate during your entire workout, but it is color-coded so you can easily see whether you are in fat-burning mode or high intensity/conditioning mode.  This equipment is so helpful whether your goal is weight-loss –or building stamina/endurance for a fitness race or event.  Just speak to Michael at the front desk and he can order your strap – DO NOT ORDER ON-LINE, as we get them for our clients at a discount!  We literally get them for 50% off, and we want to pass that savings onto our clients.  Once you receive it, you register it on-line with all your personal data – and you will automatically be connected to our facility as soon as you walk in!  How cool is this?!!!

!MPACT OFFERS ½ HOUR PERSONAL TRAINING SESSIONS:  Some people are pressed for time, others juggling finances . . . but one thing for sure, many of you are making fitness a priority.  You now have the option to come for a full, 55-minute personal training session — OR come for a 30-minute personal training session.  We will help you set some goals and then take action!  During this 30-minute session, you will perform a quick & effective warm-up, work all your major muscle groups, stimulate your core, and burn calories and fat.  These sessions are customized to meet your needs, and you can also do it with a friend!  And maybe you have a young athlete who you think could benefit from some one-on-one training.  Thirty-minute sessions are extremely affordable.  Call us today to find out pricing for these sessions . . . You can pay as you come or purchase a discounted 10-Pack of 30-Minute Sessions.  No excuses. . . you can do it now!

Don’t forget to ask us about:  !MPACT BIRTHDAY PARTIES (ages 6+):  If you are looking for an awesome (AND different) way to celebrate your child’s birthday, WE have the answer. CLICK HERE to learn more about our BIRTHDAY PARTIES.

KIDS’ TRAINING (AGES 7-12) WILL BE BACK ON SATURDAYS IN THE FALL This program is always a hit . . . during this 45-minute workout, we focus on speed, agility, strength & conditioning through our athlete bootcamp using fun equipment like ladders, hurdles, medicine balls, slide boards, plyo-boxes, and more!  Stay tuned to our monthly newsletters to find out the start date for this program.

DO YOU LOVE WHAT YOU DO FOR A LIVING?  MAYBE IN 2019 YOU ARE THINKING OF MAKING A CHANGE – AND WOULD YOU LOVE FLEXIBLE HOURS WORKING FROM HOME . . .  I have a great opportunity to share with you, and I’d love to have you on my team.  I will train you – and you don’t have to be an expert for this program . . . just someone who wants to get healthier and then help others do the same! Get ready to be inspired! Call me if you want more info: 908-403-7620.

GIRL SCOUT – BOY SCOUT BADGES:  We offer great educational events for scouts – on training and nutrition.  Please call us if you are interested in getting your troop or pack together to learn a little bit and/or earn a badge.  During their hour-long event, they will learn about proper nutrition – especially if they play sports, they will get a great workout using fun equipment and also learn some exercises to do at home!  Call Michael (908) 428-7978 or email:  Michael@ImpactTraining-NJ.com

NOTE FROM HILLARIE – Month of June:  How often do you exercise?  How often do you “think” you should be exercising?  With everyone’s busy schedule, it’s hard to commit to something for ourselves.  We are busy with our careers or our kids’ sports – or both!  Carving out 30 minutes a day would be ideal, but we all know getting up early can be tough if you have super long days.  Well what if you spent 3-4 days per week exercising for 30-60 minutes?  Not only would your health improve, but your energy levels would be sooooo much better than they are right now.  We would also greatly reduce body fat if we were moving more often.  So if you need some help, please call us.  We offer FREE consultations to talk about your fitness goals (whether you haven’t exercises in a long time, or you are looking to take things up a notch).   Exercise is important but healthy bodies require better nutrition, and it starts with the “choices” YOU make. This is why we offer nutritional guidance to all our clients as well.  Let me help you map out a plan for success so you can still reach your goals while not feeling deprived.  Remember, the only way to fail is to quit.  We will have no quitters here.  Let’s do this!  Please call me if you’d like some help: 908-403-7620 –Hillarie


These are all businesses we have used and would highly recommend . . . everything from financial planning — to decorative cookie platters for a special occasion — to real estate — to plumbing – to acupuncture!  We’ve got it all!  I always prefer to use a business that I was referred to – word of mouth is the best form of advertisement.

Prime My Body Help Oil Meghan Hayes . . . client, fitness enthusiast, wife, and mother of three young athletes has started her own business (working from home), and it was all because she fell in love with an amazing hemp product that she feels changed her lives, along with the people she loves.  This CBD/Hemp Oil formulated by Dr. Chris Shad.  The oil gives us a proprietary delivery system providing rapid uptake and 99% bioavailability and absorption.  It’s non-GMO, gluten-free, soy-free, and supports, mood, focus, sleep, bone health, blood sugar, immune neurological-function and physical discomfort – with research showing it assists with over 250 conditions.  Visit Megan’s website to learn more:  mkhayes.primemybody.com or call/text her at:  908-256-0239.

The Game & Party Place is New Jersey’s newest gaming venue with all the latest gaming systems as well as arcade games.  This is a brand new business located at 27 South Street in Manville.  It is owned and operated by Hillsborough residents, Melissa and Anthony D’Aniello so let’s show this local business some support while showing our kids a great time!  Kids can go there to play their favorite arcade and video games with an hourly pass or daily pass – and they host parties too!  I was pleasantly surprised to see how affordable the parties are – and they include everything for an amazing party!  These days we can spend a small fortune on birthday parties . . . their pricing is awesome. To read an article with lots of info about this new business, click here:  http://www.manvillenj.org/DocumentCenter/View/3273/Manvilles-News—August-2018  For more info, you can call them at:  (908) 393-9006     https://www.thegameandparty.com/

The Preferred Client Group, LLC.   Jamie Moore is a great client of ours, and he is on this team of financial professionals that act as Your Personal Financial Concierge, helping you make efficient business and personal economic decisions. We will become the single source to facilitate your comprehensive financial affairs.  They provide a comprehensive educational process that includes the strategies, solutions, and resources necessary to make wise financial decisions. Through our holistic planning process, they will efficiently and cost effectively help build and protect your wealth.  Their team of financial professionals can help you address: Investing principles and strategies, Retirement investing and distribution strategies, Estate conservation issues, Risk management.  FOR MORE INFO OR A CONSULTATION, CONTACT JAMIE @:  908-272-3722

MB HOME IMPROVEMENTS (Mauricio Barajas) is an independent contractor founded by Mauricio Barajas.  They handle all renovations and remodels . . . kitchen, bathroom, basements, and more!  They also provide painting and custom woodwork services.  I’ve seen some of his before and after photos of their jobs, and they are outstanding.  They are also professional and reliable.  You can reach Mauricio at 908-500-0148

A Source for Wellness – Acupuncture:  (908) 392-3468 — Michael Gonzales,  is located at 67 Mountain Blvd., Warren, NJ.  Michael sees himself as a partner in a person’s healing journey, assisting them in taking responsibility for their health through acupuncture and wellness.  And I had the pleasure of getting a complimentary acupuncture session to relieve stress . . . It was amazing!  Such an interesting way to treat patients for a variety of reasons, and it has been around for centuries!

ALL ABOUT ME DESIGNS — Custom T-Shirts & Apparel (908) 2928992 – email: allaboutmedesigns2@gmail.com:  The gals who started this company are absolutely amazing . . . Cindy Caramico and Amy Smith came in to !MPACT Training to bring their kids for personal training – and we found out they are working moms who also started a part-time business making gorgeous customized t-shirts.  We had them make several for !MPACT and we really LOVE them!  They have many different types of shirts (t-shirts, muscle tanks, sweatshirts/hoodies – for both ladies and men).  So if you need a special t-shirt made for yourself, for your family reunion, for a team sport, or any other event, these gals are the people to see . . . I had !MPACT ones made with a glitter font!! YAHOO!

DRX DUCT CLEANING:  Call George:  (908) 755-2950 . . . THANK YOU to George Ghanime, owner of DRX Duct Cleaning, who learned that the Koll family was in need of having their air-ducts and AC/heating vents cleaned so they could bring their son, Chris Koll home from the hospital.  Since Chris is undergoing chemotherapy, it is essential they do all they can to help his compromised immune system, so cleaning out all the duct work was first on the list to reduce the chances of mold, etc.  I told George about the Koll family, and he immediately reached out to them to provide them with service, and he picked up the tab.  George knew that Chris is one of the Steps Together beneficiaries, and he wanted to give back.  Thank you so much, George!  Visit their website: www.NJAirDuct.com

PURE POWER, Electrical Services, LLC:  For all your electrical services, reach out to owner and licensed electrician, Richard Dietrich 908-829-4252 – email: purepowernj@gmail.com

ACTIVCORE — ONE-ON-ONE PHYSICAL THERAPY — CONTINUUM HEALTH CLINICS:  Adrienne Jensen and Activcore offer physical therapy services that are one-on-one for the entire session utilizing suspension equipment (Redcord) to maximize treatment times in a pain-free environment so people can achieve their goals faster.  They assess the whole person from head to toe to find out the cause and not just treat the pain.  Adrienne also offers golf-specific assessments!  908-625-625-9688  They are located not far off Route 206 — just down the road in Princeton (800 Bunn Drive, Princeton, NJ) . . .  AMAZING facility!

NORZ HILL FARM:  I LOVE Norz Hill Farm in the summer when I am dying for their Jersey tomatoes, fresh produce — delicious corn, and look so forward to pumpkin picking in the fall.  And their fresh baked pies are amazing!   Now you have got to try their meats:  steaks, burgers, ham, bacon and more!  Visit their website for farm hours and activites/events . . . LOVE the owners (Debbie & Rich Norz) and LOVE that farm!  www.norzhillfarm.com

MAILBOXES BUSINESS CENTER:  Our favorite place in town for all of our copy and stationary needs.  Matt Schorr, owner of Mailboxes Business Center is also a great guy . . . always giving back to the community.  Stop in to see Matt and his staff at Mailboxes business Center — for everything from copies, to mailing packages — to making business cards.  Matt does it all:  908-874-6200 (located in the Shop-Rite shopping center on Rt. 206 in Hillsborough).

FARLEY LAWN SERVICES:  Marshall Farley, owner/proprietor, is also one of the amazing firefighters from the Flagtown Fire & Rescue that trained with us.  Farley Lawn Services (residential & commercial) offers lawn maintenance (spring/fall), tree pruning & removal, pavers, retaining walls, mulch & stone.  908-872-2451.  Quality, dependable serving!

INTERIOR & EXTERIOR RENOVATION & BUILDER CO.:  Pro Builders Plus, Hillsborough – Walt Wengryn handles everything from roofing and siding, to interior renovations, and additions, etc. – He and his teams provide quality work at competitive prices:  Walt has done work for everyone in my neighborhood! Call Walt at 908-369-7562 (references are available!).

Check out this great website to see what’g going on for kids in the area!:  http://hillsborough.macaronikid.com/  This website lists all upcoming events and happenings for kids in our communities throughout New Jersey.  Log on to see the fun local happenings.

PODIATRIST:  Dr. Brandon Zuklie, LLC –: Treats any and all issues of the foot and ankle, from warts to stress fractures and all other athletic injuries.  Treats children as well as adults, and accepts most insurance plans.  Address:1161 202N Branchburg (in the same strip mall near Phil’s Pizza and Texas Liquor — by Imclone and Chubb).  Other offices in Piscataway and Monroe, NJ – for moreinfo:  www.drzuklie.com

REVIVAL BARBER SHOP!:  Congrats to Jen Korab – owner of Renaissance Hair Salon, as they expanded and opened another shop last year called Revival!  This BARBER SHOP  specializes in men’s haircuts and hot shaves, and will be located in the same strip mall as Renaissance Salon (411 Route 206 in Hillsborough – New Amwell is the cross street).  They are amazing and do some fun/trendy razor cuts too!

RODAN & FIELDS Dermatology:  “You exercise to improve/maintain your body. Why not use awesome skincare to improve/maintain  your skin too!”  One of our clients, Colleen Schwarz, is so excited to launch her new business as an independent skincare consultant with Rodan and Fields Dermatologists  (of ProActive fame). Rodan and Fields has all skin types covered. Please feel free to call Colleen at 908 392 3144 or email her at ceschwarz7@verizon.net  to chat about what products would be best for you.

CIRCUS PLACE in Hillsborough has LOTS of new classes on their calendar! Something fun and different to do for your kids or YOU!  Check out their website:  www.thecircusplace.com or email me the owner at:   sharyn@thecircusplace.com for more information!

SWEET PERFECTION by Maria:  If you need beautiful, customized cookies (as well as cupcakes and other special treats) for a special occasion, then you need to contact my friend, Maria Ryan.  She is so ridiculously talented . . . her cookies looks so pretty you hate to eat them . . . but you should be cause they are buttery and delicious!  She can design cookies for any occasion . . . birthday, baby shower, get-well, corporate events, anniversary, etc.  Contact Maria at:  reregarman@gmail.com

BRONZE AMBITION:  Best spray tan I ever had . . . hands down!  Rebecca Veronika not only knows how to apply an amazingly even and golden spray tan, but she is friendly and professional, and I would HIGHLY recommend her.  I’ve gotten LOTS of spray tans over the years when I was competing in Fitness & Figure competitions.  Those tans looked o.k. on stage, but when you got up close, they were streaky and very “orange”.  Bronze Ambition will come to you!  She comes fully equipped.  To contact Rebecca:  732-580-2747

RENAISSANCE SALON: Renaissance Hair Salon & Spa (located in the strip mall on Rt. 26 – near Dunkin Donuts & Sal’s Cleaners – at the top of New Amwell Rd.).  They offer a relaxing and welcoming environment that is both modern and chic. Their expertly trained stylists have a passion for what they do and make every decision with the guests needs in mind. They have combined exquisite and innovative services to create an experience like no other.  Renaissance stylists are trained in the latest techniques in order to remain on the cutting edge of hair care and creativity. When creating a new look, their stylists pay close attention to detail, and great consideration is placed on adaptability and suitability. This allows us to personalize each look to the individual’s facial features, hair type, and lifestyle. They are confident you will find their team among the finest anywhere. Visit their website to view our full menu of services, including facials, microdermabrasion, waxing, and full salon services.  www.renaissancehairsalonnj.com

RWJ SPORTS PHYSICAL THERAPY:  This is a great place to go for any type of physical rehab – and boy, are did a great job on my lower-back pain!  They handle everything from ligament sprains to arthritic pain.  I have always had a strong core and lower back, but I guess my age (47), my strenuous training routine/6 days per week, and the long hours I spend on my feet every day as a trainer can often take a toll on my lower back.  Every now and again, it just tightens up and I am in a lot of pain.  I heavily rely on the physical therapists at Sports Physical Therapy to get me mobile and pain free again!  They have multiple locations, and one of the partners, Jeff Erickson, is a neighbor of mine – great guy!  Can’t say enough about what an awesome facility this is!  Hillsborough location:  908-359-8800, Princeton (609) 419-0455, Somerset (732) 565-5455, Flemington (908) 806-2000.

ARBONNE: Christine Murphy, a dedicated client at !MPACT Training just launched her own business with Arbonne!  Arbonne is a highly regarded, premium brand with a Swiss heritage.  Their skincare, cosmetic & nutritional products are healthy, safe, botanically-based and inspired by nature.  The Arbonne experience starts with changing your skin, then it is about changing your life.  If you are interested in purchasing products, hosting an event, or starting a business, contact her at:  christine.m.murphy22@gmail.com

BELLE MEAD PHYSICAL THERAPY: Another GREAT physical therapy facility in town . . . Are you dealing with ongoing pain?  Did you recently experience an injury?  Mark Nagel, Physical Therapist, would be happy to provide you with a FREE consultation so that you increase your range of motion and work towards being pain FREE!  Belle Mead Physical Therapy is located at 476 Amwell Road (right near the high school) in Hillsborough (908) 281-6515.

REALTOR: Are you looking to buy a new home or sell your current home? You really need someone who understands what you want and isn’t going to waste your time. Melissa is not only professional to deal with, but understands that families are the most important thing and so is the home they live in. Call Melissa Martin of Weichert Realtors – cell: 908-656-4070 or email:  melissamartin@weichert.com

MADCONNECTIONS TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS -who provided a complete set-up of our new computers at !MPACT!  Jaquim also helped me out last year when my home computer had some kind of a virus eating away at it — to the point where the screen went black.  But because I still had power on this computer, Jaquim was able to salvage all my data and most of all, my MUSIC!!  He cleaned it up and put my desktops stuff back in working order (i.e., Microsoft Office) — in addition to adding protection so this type of thing doesn’t happen again.  MADCONNECTIONS is a professional, affordable and reliable computer repair company.  Call them between 8:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. at 907-768-6534 or email:  MADCONNECTIONS@COMCAST.NET

STEPS TOGETHER:  This is a local charity dedicated to inspiring our community to paying their blessings forward and supporting families in Somerset County facing a medical crisis.  If you are looking for a great charity to get involved with, check out their website:  www.steps-together.com.  Courtney and Mike Newman (founders of Steps Together) are wonderful people – dedicating their lives to helping others.

20% OFF if you mention this add!!!!  A&B LANDSCAPING of Central NJ: 908-240-8784.  They do everything from lawn maintenance (cutting, edging, weeding, seasonal work, etc) and they also do landscape design, patio pavers and MORE!  Increase the value of your home by improving the appearance of your lawn, shrubs and landscaping!!!  They can make your house look like something out of Better Homes and Gardens!! Call today!

DOCTOR:  Looking for a doctor you can rely on? Take good care of your body, and go for regular check-ups and blood work . . . We can’t take good health for granted.  Come and meet the wonderful doctors in this group, like Ernest J DeLaCruz, MD (Board Certified in Internal Medicine), Montgomery Internal Medicine Group, 719 Route 206, Suite 100, Hillsborough , NJ (908) 904-0920 www.montgomeryinternalmedicinegroup.com

ITALIAN CUISINE:  Caffe Piazza – DINE-IN, PICK-UP OR CATERING AVAILABLE:  Fine Italian dining and catering by owner, Antonio Ruffa (a great friend and former client).  Caffe Piazza is located on Route 206 in Hillsborough (in the same strip mall with Stop-N-Shop).  Let them cater your next affair!  (908) 359-9494

HILLSBOROUGH PODIATRY . . . Attention Hillsborough Residents – Marc Mizrachy is a fellow fitness enthusiast and also a well-recognized Podiatrist in town.  They are open 6 days per week including Saturdays and three evenings.  Hillsborough Podiatry Group — 719 Route 206, Suite 107, Hillsborough, NJ  08844 — (908)431-5901 – www.hillsboroughpodiatry.com

WILLS:  Do you presently have a will?  It may sound like something you can put off, but wouldn’t you like to make sure your family is taken care of – just the way you want?  Tiffany Moore, Esq. can help simplify the process so you can rest easy, knowing everything is outlined properly – and she’ll make sure you don’t forget anything or anyone.  And we are not just talking about monetary issues – what about guardians for your children or your pets in the unfortunate event something happens to you?  Everyone should have a will — Don’t put it off another day . . . Gain piece of mind:  Call Tiffany @ (908) 797-3198 or email her @:  jtmoore98@msn.com

Organic Farm in Hillsborough:  Jon Knox and his wife, Kimberly, have started an organic farm at Duke Farms. Everything they grow is done following the USDA organic guidelines as part of their lease with Duke Farms and the Northeast Organic Farming Association (NOFA-NJ). Please check out their website or the detailed article from the Hillsborough Patch.  Both links are attached:  http://dogwoodfarmsnj.com/   andhttp://hillsborough.patch.com/articles/couple-s-venture-launches-new-era-in-hillsborough-farming

FRANKLIN MEDICAL GROUP:  Dr. Steven DelMaestro (MD, Internal Medicine) of Hillsborough, NJ was approached to head up Franklin Medical Group – a new medical practice affiliated with Somerset Medical Hospital.  Before taking on this new venture, Dr. DelMaestro had his own practice for 22 years, operating out of his offices in New Brunswick and North Brunswick (NJ).  So . . . when is the last time you had a complete physical?  Your health is so important – and so is finding a doctor who cares and actually takes the time to get to know you and your health history.  Maybe you are presently getting medical care from a practice that is so huge – with so many different doctors that you feel it lacks that personal touch.  Make your health a priority:  908-685-2526 (located @ Franklin Commons, 454 Elizabeth Avenue, Suite 210, Somerset, New Jersey).

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