MARCH 2020 Newsletter

By: Hillarie Scannelli

Certified in Personal Training & Nutrition

LUCK OF THE IRISH SPECIAL: Happy St. Patrick’s Day . . . We are all a little Irish and a little lucky during March!  Unlimited Training for the month of March is only $89 (new clients only) . . . AND on Tuesday, March 17th, all clients are invited to bring their spouse or significant others for a FREE group training session (You can choose from any of the times listed on our Group Training Schedule — times are 5:45 a.m., 9:30 a.m., or 6:30 p.m. – all are Group Training Sessions)!  Woohoo!  So spread the LUCK!!  Imagine having a month of training where you are ALWAYS guided by a Personal Trainer! Need more info about our training?  Call Michael 908-403-7605.

*NEW:  College Athlete Prep Program:

Any athlete who is going to play a D1, D2 or D3 sport will need to prepare over the spring and summer (according to the packet they receive from their college coach).  And every year we get athletes who are graduating high school and are a little overwhelmed when they receive their packet from their coach. There are specific collegiate lifts (weight training exercises) they need to be able to perform – whether it is to learn proper form for a deadlift, bench press, hang-cleans, clean-press, snatches, squats, pull-ups, etc.  They also may have cardio conditioning “homework” over the summer so they can run a mile in a certain number of minutes or are being timed on a 40-yard dash or vertical jump, etc.  Well this program is perfect for your athlete.  Athletes can start as early as March if they are not playing a spring sport in high school, and they can continue throughout the summer until they leave for school (probably in August).  And we have just the program to get them to the next level! The cost for this special program is $499 and consists of 2 personal training sessions per week (8 per month) – and these sessions will include a customized weight training program – as well as Vertimax training for explosiveness, core strengthening, speed & agility, and overall conditioning. The program will also include a sports nutrition session so they learn to fuel for optimal performance over the summer as well as when they arrive at their college campus.  AND EVERY WEEK, they will also receive A BONUS SESSION which would be one group training session per week (based on our Monthly Group Training Schedule — SEE BELOW). If you have a teenager who is an elite athlete playing a high school sport, this program would also be the perfect fit.  So give us a call to find out trainer availability.


Please help me welcome GLENN BENSON of North Plainfield, NJ!  Glen is a Certified Personal Trainer and graduate of Gettysburg College in 2018 – where he played football for 4 years as a linebacker.  In high school Glenn was a linebacker, running back and safety for North Plainfield High School – and was awarded all-conference, all-county, and all-district honors while serving as a team captain.  This stellar athlete continued to show signs of leadership at Gettysburg on and off the field, as he was Vice President of Gettysburg Men of Character and participated in the Black Student Union.  Glenn has experience as a sports performance coach, as well as a trainer who has helped multiple clients –whether they were training with him to lose weight, gain strength & muscle development, enhance sports performance, or enhance overall fitness & wellness.  We are very excited to have Glenn on board as part of our !MPACT Team!  His passion and energy for fitness is quite contagious!  Welcome aboard Glenn!  To schedule a training appointment with Glenn, please give us a call:  908-403-7605 — Michael


This is a weekly nutritional Program – AND YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE AN IMPACT CLIENT TO TAKE ADVANTAGE!  You can come strictly for this nutrition program if you like.  This weekly program will lead you to the beginning of May, just in time for spring/summer!  We want to help you set AND reach your health and fitness goals. Here is what you will get with this program:

  • Getting Started – Initial weigh-ins, measurements & goal setting
  • Weekly Meetings (optional) + Accountability & Weekly Weigh-Ins
  • Recipe Shares + Food & Macronutrient Tracking
  • Private Facebook Page — Support Group & Meet-Ups
  • Weekly Topics & Motivational Emails
  • Text or call Hillarie to sign up! 908-403-7620

DO YOU NEED TO JUMPS-TART YOUR METABOLISM WITH A CLEANSE!  Spring is approaching . . . which also brings about the desire to renew and refresh our bodies.  It’s time to RESET your metabolism and put yourself on the fast-track to weight-loss, improved energy levels and overall better health.  If you are ready to get started, text or call Hillarie (908) 403-7620.  You do not need to be one of our clients to participate in this program as it is all coached virtually and the products get shipped directly to your home and meal plans are emailed and coached over the phone.  It only takes 3-5 business days for your program to arrive!  Call today!


MARCH GROUP TRAINING SCHEDULE (CLICK HERE):  PLEASE CHECK OUT OUR CALENDAR THAT IS CHOCK-FULL OF AMAZING TRAINING SESSIONS TO HELP YOU REACH YOUR GOALS.  Why is our Group Training different than a big box gym where you can take classes or work out on your own? You are ALWAYS led by a Certified or Degreed Personal Trainer – not just a fitness coach who was certified by the gym where they work.  Great trainers are hard to find . . . but we take our time and we choose high-level trainers who are ready to motivate you and guide you, every single session!  We are a training facility that offers personal training, multi-level bootcamps (so all fitness levels are welcome), elite athlete training, weight-training sessions, weight-loss programs, nutrition and more!  Please check out our schedule as we offer programs for adults, teens and kids.  Questions?  Give us a call:  (908) 428-7978!  #investinyou


YOGA:  We are thrilled to have Erin Chung offering Yoga on TWO SUNDAYS:  March 8th and March 15th at 8:00 a.m. sharp.  Please bring a yoga mat, a bottle of water and your positive energy! It’s an awesome cross-train or recovery day – and a great way to respect your body . . . Namaste! 


CHARITY YOGA EVENT:  On Sunday, April 19th, at 8:00 a.m. SHARP, Erin Chung & !MPACT Training will be hosting a yoga class with 100% of donations collected going to  Cost for this fundraiser is $20 (or more) per participant (cash or check made payable to:  Steps Together). Please register for this event by emailing Hillarie at:  If you are new to !MPACT Training, just arrive a few minutes early (by 7:45 a.m.) to fill out a short registration/waiver form.  Please bring your yoga mat, a bottle of water and your positive energy to this wonderful fundraising yoga session.   Questions? Call Hillarie or Michael at 908-428-7978.

CHARITY EVENT:  Renaissance Salon is holding its annual event at the Bridgewater Manor that includes cocktail hour, dinner, fashion show, basket auction and DJ/Dancing!  It is being held on the evening of Friday, April 17th. Tickets are $125 per person and profits ALL go to Steps Together, a local charity that helps families in Somerset County who are in medical/financial crisis.  You can get tickets at the salon or if you are an !MPACT client, we will have some here for your convenience!  Questions? Just give us a call 908-428-7978.


KIDS TRAINING TAKES PLACE EVERY SATURDAY AT 10:00 a.m.: This program is always a hit for ages 7-12 . . . During this 45-minute workout, we focus on speed, agility, balance, strength & conditioning, and running form.  We use lots of fun equipment like ladders, hurdles, medicine balls, slide boards, plyo-boxes, and more!  If you have a 12 year old that you would like us to evaluate, we would be happy to see if their athletic abilities would be better utilized in our Elite Athlete Program for kids 13+.  KIDS Training drop-ins are only $15, or the discounted rate for the month/4 sessions is $55. Questions, just call Michael at 908-403-7605.

SPEED, AGILITY, STRENGTH & CONDITIONING – ELITE ATHLETE TRAINING:  Let us help your athlete get faster, stronger and learn proper running form, along with learning about Sports Nutrition so they fuel their bodies for optimal performance. They will build core strength, increase speed & quickness, and condition their bodies to improve overall performance.  This program is a combination of weights and speed/endurance training, so it’s perfect for any athlete.  Most of all, our trainers will help build CONFIDENCE in your kids/teensThe Elite Athlete Program are discounted group sessions – and they will receive “Unlimited Training” for teens 13-17.  We also offer one-on-one sessions or partner sessions for those who want to work with a trainer on a more specific goal.  E-mail us if you want more info or want to schedule an appt:

VERTIMAX TRAINING:  Parents: Do you have an athlete who wants to be able to jump higher and become more explosive for their sport of choice? Our Vertimax Training is just what your athlete needs.  These are 30-minute, one-on-one training sessions using our Vertimax Trainer.  This patented, jump-training technology is specifically designed to power in all phases of a vertical jump – which is great for every sport.  By simultaneously targeting explosive leg power and arm swing velocity, athletes can now maximize their vertical lift component and get unmatched vertical gains. So this equipment can help your athlete run faster, jump higher and become more explosive.  Our customized plans are based on each client’s specific goals – and we identify their strengths and weaknesses . . . then we get to work!  To learn more about this training or how to get on our trainers’ calendar, call Michael:  908-403-7605.

ATTENTION ALL RUNNERS:  So many of our bootcampers and personal training clients have formed an amazing relationship and started entering mud races, 5K’s and other obstacle course races together.  It’s a great community of people (all ages) and they are making fitness that much more FUN!  Bill Mathers (also on the board member of Steps Together with me) created a running group that meets every Sunday at 8:00 a.m. @ the Millstone entrance (Rt. 514) to the D&R Canal.  Many of our clients participate in this run on Sundays . . . So if you are interested in joining this group, it’s open to anyone and everyone. . .  Just head over to the meeting place, and have a great run with some truly inspiring people! 

TEAM TRAINING:  If your team is looking to get FASTER AND STRONGER, call us to learn about our discounted rates for teams.  No matter the sport, our Certified Personal Trainers will customize the team training to meet your needs.  And what a great way to build comradery among team mates.  Even if you can’t get the entire team together, training with a handful of team mates builds great comradery. We will work on strength, speed, agility, quickness, explosiveness, flexibility, core strength and stamina.  Give Michael a call to find out rates and trainer availability:  908-403-7605.

OUR LATEST IMPACT TRAINING COMMERCIAL!:  We are so excited to share the new commercial that plays before EVERY movie at the Hillsborough Cinema.  Check it out here, and FEEL our energy, knowledge and passion for what we do:

ANYONE INTERESTED IN A PART-TIME OR FULL-TIME CAREER WORKING FROM HOME?  All you need is the desire to become healthy and fit yourself . . . and have the passion to help others do the same.  I will provide the training and guidance which is giving so many moms and dads the opportunity to work from home so they have more time with their family, friends and hobbies. So whether you are looking for full-time or part-time hours, this opportunity is for YOU! Call for more info Hillarie: 908-403-7620.

SENIORS DISCOUNTED RATE:  Did you know that we offer a discounted training rate for those who are 60 years or older?  YAY!  One of the perks of turning 60!  Our Unlimited Training for those 60 years or older is at the discounted rate of only $99 per month.  And during this type of training, you will ALWAYS be guided by a trainer so we take the “guess work” out of your weekly training routine!  Most of our clients are coming 3-4 times per week for training, so with this NEW discounted price for seniors, they will only paying about $6.18 per training session!  YAHOO!  We love keeping people fit at every age, and all of our sessions are multi-level, so we meet you where you are . . . Then we help you set goals AND meet them!!   We also offer a $5 discount on each Personal Training appointment for anyone who is 60 or older – along with the discounted price of only $15 for drop-ins to our group sessions.   For info on how to join !MPACT, call Michael at 908-403-7605.

!MPACT OFFERS ½ HOUR PERSONAL TRAINING SESSIONS:  Some people are pressed for time, others juggling finances . . . but one thing for sure, many of you are making fitness a priority.  You now have the option to come for a full, 55-minute personal training session — OR come for a 30-minute personal training session.  We will help you set some goals and then take action!  During this 30-minute session, you will perform a quick & effective warm-up, work all your major muscle groups, stimulate your core, and burn calories and fat.  These sessions are customized to meet your needs, and you can also do it with a friend!  And maybe you have a young athlete who you think could benefit from some one-on-one training.  Thirty-minute sessions are extremely affordable.  Call us today to find out pricing for these sessions . . . You can pay as you come or purchase a discounted 10-Pack of 30-Minute Sessions.  No excuses. . . you can do it now!  Call Michael for Pricing and availability:  908-403-7605

FOR THOSE WHO ARE WONDERING ABOUT OUR “ZONE” TRAINING:  We want to help our clients SET and REACH their fitness goals.  For those who are interested in using the latest technology, our trainers are prepared to turn ALL of your workouts into ZONE Training – whether you are coming for personal training, bootcamps, strength training or Elite Athlete Training!  This will help you burn fat and build lean muscle so you are fit and energized!  This new Zone training method involves using a special heart-rate monitor (chest strap) that not only connects to your cell phone app, but the minute you walk into IMPACT Training, your device connects via Bluetooth – so your name appears in a box on our giant-screen TV.  With this technology, you can simply glance at the display to see the zone you are training in during your workout.  This cutting-edge technology is completely optional for our clients, but so far everyone seems to want IN!  This new system not only displays the percentage of your max heart rate during your entire workout, but it is color-coded so you can easily see whether you are in fat-burning mode or high intensity/conditioning mode.  This equipment is so helpful whether your goal is weight-loss –or building stamina/endurance for a fitness race or event.  Just speak to Michael at the front desk and he can order your strap – DO NOT ORDER ON-LINE, as we get them for our clients at a discount!  We literally get them for 50% off, and we want to pass that savings onto our clients.  Once you receive it, you register it on-line with all your personal data – and you will automatically be connected to our facility as soon as you walk in!  How cool is this?!!!


March . . . A lucky month even if you’re not Irish J . . . Did you realize that as of March 1st, there are only 12 more weekends left until Memorial Day Weekend?  So did you have a goal in mind? I know I do . . . So let’s start putting more time aside for exercising/training and putting some thought into our daily meals and snacks. You would be surprised at how well we do when we actually have a PLAN in place . . . STRUCTURE to follow.  I would love to offer you a FREE consultation to talk about your health and fitness goals and how we can help you achieve them.   Remember, the only way to fail is to quit.  We will have no quitters here.  Let’s do this!  Please call me if you’d like to set up a FREE Consultation: 908-403-7620 –Hillarie

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