July-August 2020 Newsletter

WE’RE OPEN WITH RESTRICTIONS!  Although we are still offering Outdoor Bootcamps as well as Virtual/Zoom Workouts for our Unlimited Group Training clients, we are now OPEN for Personal Training! So if you really want to get moving and set some goals, give us a call.  We work with adults and athletes of all ages . . . and we are able to offer personal training and partner or family training (for those who live in the same household). Whether you are an athlete who needs to get back to your sport and want to be ready . . . or you have the desire to lose weight, improve energy levels, increase lean muscle mass or improve performance, we can help you!  Of course, we are following all covid-19 safety procedures including temperatures taken upon arrival, hand-washing before and after each session, hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes available throughout the facility, and the use of our newly-purchased hospital-grade disinfectant fogging machine.  So please call Michael to find out pricing or trainer availability for personal training – and you can also give us a call if you’d like more details about our Unlimited Group Training (outdoors and virtually):  908-403-7605

JULY-AUGUST OUTDOOR AND VIRTUAL GROUP TRAINING SCHEDULE + Descriptions & Details about this Training (CLICK HERE):  These workouts are perfect for adults and teens/athletes of all fitness levels (as variations are offered for all exercises).  And although you can still book private, one-on-one virtual sessions, the attached July-August Outdoor & Virtual Group Training Calendar shows you exactly what is being offered EVERY DAY – 10 LIVE SESSIONS EVERY WEEK – and recordings sent to all current clients via email – along with our Private Facebook Page.  So still being somewhat in a stay-at-home mode due to the virus doesn’t mean we can’t set AND meet our fitness goals by summer.  It just means we might need a little bit more of a structured plan.  Let us help you – Call Michael for a FREE consultation or to sign up for Virtual or Outdoor Training:  908- 403-7605 #investinyou

BODY COMPOSITION TESTING IS HERE! If you would like to set some health and fitness goals and need another layer of accountability, we have the answer.  So many of us are results oriented . . . and sometimes when trying to decrease bodyfat, we don’t see the scale moving as quickly as we like, yet our clothes are feeling a bit lose.  Well maybe it’s time we actually did some benchmark testing and added some “science” so you will see there are more ways to track progress than your weight alone.  It would be helpful to see important percentages like:  bodyfat vs. lean muscle, water weight, skeletal weight, individual muscle circumference, and more!  If you are interested in this new service, just give us a call.  We will set up an appointment for you to get tested using the “In-Body Scanning” equipment.  This is a hospital-grade piece of equipment that is 98% accurate so you can set some health and fitness goals, and we can help you work towards meeting them with the proper nutrition and exercise program.  This is a monthly service so you can continue to track progress with re-testing to work towards optimal health and a healthy body-weight.  If you are interested in a FREE trial, please give us a call:  908-428-7978.  Just leave us a message if we are on the training floor and we will call you back.

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As much as we hate the saying “the new norm” it really is something we need to address.  The virus is real, and although we’ve flattened the curve in NJ in an effort to prevent hospitals from being inundated with critical patients, we still need to practice health and safety precautions.  So yes, wearing masks in public is actually a “thing” . . . and more frequent hand-washing is a given, as is limiting gatherings of large groups in-doors.  All that being said, we DO need to get back to some type of normalcy.  We do not have any idea when the governor will allow regular gyms to open . . . we are feeling blessed !MPACT Training is considered a limited private training facility so at least we can operate with restrictions.  So many people were stressed during the lockdown which led to anxiety & stress eating and even skipping home workouts.  Well let’s just remember we get ONE body, and we need to treat it better – especially since we have no idea when our world will be back to normal again.  I guess we are waiting for scientists to come up with treatments or a vaccine . . . so in the meantime, stop waiting and holding your breath.  TAKE ACTION towards better health, and let us help you!  Call us today and we can break down the different types of training and nutrition plans we offer, and then virus or no virus, you will be well on your way to better health.  It’s also important to note that although fitness centers and gyms were not considered “essential businesses” during this lockdown, it is important that we all realize that exercising and clean eating contributes to a healthier and stronger immune system.  So YES, we are essential … YOU are essential.  Let’s do this together!

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