March 2012 Newsletter

GRAND OPENING CELEBRATION: Our celebration is set for Saturday, March 31st from 10:00 a.m. till 4:00 p.m. You are not going to want to miss this party! We will have lots of prizes & give-aways, fun demonstrations of our Total Development Training (for kids, teens and adults), and your kids can “Throw with the Pro’s” since we will have some NFL Pro’s here!  We will also have coffee, refreshments & snacks, FREE 10-Minute chair massages, and a FREE mini-Sports Nutrition Lecture at noon – this is a MUST for athletes & fitness enthusiasts!  There will be a ribbon-cutting ceremony, pop-music playing, and even a blessing from our church. Please visit us sometime on the 31st at 126 Stryker Lane, Building 24, Unit 3, Hillsborough, NJ!  We’re just down the street from the Hillsborough Cinema.

Dear Hillarie @ !MPACT Training:  A friend of mine told me that you answer email questions via your website Newsletter.  I am 48 years old and presently working as a broker on Wall Street with long hours and not a lot of time to work out.  I think I am a healthy eater, although in my line of work, we tend to entertain clients often for dinner.  I don’t eat breakfast since I am not hungry when I leave at 5:00 a.m. but usually eat a good lunch consisting of healthy salads with grilled chicken.  I’m trying to lose weight, but the scale is not budging.  I use to play college football back in my day, and I saw that you did quite a bit of work with Pro football players, helping them to decrease bodyfat while increasing lean muscle mass.  In your opinion, is there any hope for me or is my age catching up with me?  Sincerely, Steve (from Bedminster).  See my response below . . .

Dear Steve:  Thanks so much for your e-mail, and I’m happy to offer my advice.  First of all, I think it is great you are trying to make healthy lunch choices – salads with grilled chicken is an excellent choice since it is loaded with protein and low-Glycemic carbs (meaning they are gentle on your blood-sugar levels).

I’m a bit worried that you don’t eat breakfast, only because your body is in such a state of starvation in the morning so your body breaks down your protein (muscle) in order to fuel your every move.  Can I suggest having something as simple as a protein drink on your way to work?  There are so many protein drinks on the market so please find one you enjoy – and I like the ones that come in ready-to-drink cartons for those who are on-the-go.  You can pick up EAS Myoplex Lite Protein Drinks at your local supermarket or pharmacy, and it would provide you with a nice balance of 20 grams of protein and 20 grams of carbohydrates to fuel your morning – and it is low-sugar so it is ideal.

I would also suggest you pick up some protein bars to use as a snack between breakfast and lunch so that you are not starving by lunchtime.  Then at lunchtime, I would say that if you enjoy your salads, then stick with them.  But if you find they are not satisfying enough, then go with a turkey sandwich on whole grain or rye bread.  Don’t think you can’t eat breads when you are trying to decrease bodyfat – it’s better to have these starchy carbs earlier in the day when you have time to burn them off.  You should also include an afternoon snack to stabilize your blood-sugar levels and promote healthier energy levels too.  This could also be something pre-packaged that is easy for you to throw into your briefcase.  I love the individual bags of 100-Calorie Raw Almonds.  They make a healthy snack and this will keep your metabolism moving – and it is not a “processed” pre-packaged snack.  Then at dinner time, stick to lean proteins (like chicken, fish, turkey, steak) with vegetables and salads (avoid the starch).  The good news is that even if you are dining out with clients, this type of a meal should be easy to get at most restaurants.

Lastly, exercise is super important – and I understand your schedule doesn’t sound very flexible.  If you are home by 7:00 or 8:00 p.m. some nights, you might want to start thinking about making an effort to hit the gym for a 45-60 minute workout.  I know that is hard to imagine doing this if you feel you will be too tired when you get home, but if you are fueling your body properly (as I outlined in my sample diet above) and your are drinking plenty of water throughout the day, you might feel a little more energized.  Also, if you are courageous enough to dedicate yourself to a workout at least three times per week, you would be pleasantly surprised to see that this will also help improve your energy levels.

So eating 5-6 meals/snacks throughout the day, drinking half your body weight in ounces each day, and working out for 45-60 minutes at least 3 days per week will greatly help.  You can definitely watch that number on the scale go down . . . and if you need some motivation, think about joining our TD (Total Development) Bootcamps whenever your schedule permits – you don’t have to commit to the month – just pay the “drop-in” fee.  These are great fat-burning workouts that help increase lean muscle mass and decrease body fat.  All fitness levels are welcome so don’t worry if you haven’t worked out in a while.  Let me know how you make out with the adjustments I outlined in my response – and good luck!!  Hillarie

Red Zone Defense (by Dan Del Guercio, !MPACT Trainer, ACSM, NCSF):  No pain, no gain…right? Well, sometimes. The truth is a lot of times the pain we experience while exercising can be caused by taking a perfectly effective exercise past a safe range of motion. These ‘red-zones’ – as they are referred to in the fitness industry – are extremely common in some of the most popular exercises from sports training to general fitness.

The Lat Pull-Down (targeting primarily the latissimus dorsi, rhomboids, and posterior deltoids) is a tremendous example of a common exercise frequently taken into a red zone. The red zone for the lat pull-down exercise materializes when the bar is pulled down behind the neck instead of down in front to the chest. The problem is when the bar is pulled behind the neck the shoulders horizontally abduct – shoulders move toward the middle of the back – to an extent that is unnatural. Constant repetition of this joint action compounded with added resistance has been known to cause shoulder injuries such as Shoulder Impingement Syndrome.  Another problem that arises during this version of the lat pull-down is the neck is flexed forward in such a drastic manner that the neck and spine are exposed to injuries that bear comparison to whip lash. A simple solution would be to perform standard lat pull-downs in which the bar comes down in the front of the body to the chest.

Another significant example of a red zone takes place during one of the cornerstones of fitness, the squat (targeting primarily the quadriceps and gluteus maximus). The red zone appears when the angle of the knee is decreased below 90 degrees. The problem is that the hips and knees are being flexed to such an extreme that during the concentric part of the exercise – concentric being when resistance moves against gravity – the targeted muscles (quadriceps, gluteus maximus) are now placed with an unnecessary strain. This strain can lead to injuries of the knees and hips such as tears in ligaments and tendons as well as joint dislocations. In order to best protect against any of these injuries during a squat it would be best to keep the angle of the knee at 90 degrees or greater.

Despite the research that shows red zone ranges of motion can be dangerous there are several exceptions. For example, if you are warming up and performing deep body weight squats the risk lessens because there is no added resistance.  Another instance where this red zone is a necessary evil is in sports training. For football training, offensive/defensive linemen perform squats below 90 degrees because their ‘bread and butter’ is made in the trenches in a low squat.

Red zones are extremely common in the fitness industry, but they are also equally avoidable with simple alterations. Pulling the lat pull-down bar behind your head or doing a 315 lb. barbell squat below 90 degrees presents the subject with little-to-zero added benefit, but an ample amount of added risk. Keep it simple, keep it safe, and consider yourself a master of red zone defense.


!MPACT Updates:

SPORTS PERFORMANCE CAMPWe are offering this advanced training at !MPACT this summer for kids ages 10-16 who wish to get stronger, faster and more confident.  Camp runs Monday through Friday from 1:00 – 4:00 p.m. (week of July 23rd and week of July 30th).  Their daily agenda consists of:  a proper warm-up, dynamic stretches, speed & agility exercises and drills, strength & conditioning circuit using cutting-edge equipment, a 20-minute break for a healthy snack – and we use this time to talk about the importance of sports nutrition and how they can implement it into their daily diet.  We finish off the day with stretching & relaxation.  Our cutting-edge equipment including:  TRX Suspension Training, TRX Rip Trainers, kettle bells, weighted ropes, medicine balls, age-appropriate weights  and more!  This camp will not only enhance performance but also improve self-confidence.  Give your child or teen that competitive edge so they are ready for their sport of choice.

Speed & Agility / Strength & Condition Program for kids & teens.  We call this “TD” Training (Total Development Training), and we offer these 55-minute training session several times per week on our Monthly Training Calendar.  This is a great way of preparing your child or teen for their upcoming sports season – or a perfect way to train during the off-season.  Your kids will get stronger, faster, and more agile — and it will really help build their self-esteem and body awareness.  Whether your child/teen plays a sport or just enjoys workout out with fun equipment, this is the way to go.  Your kids/teens leave sweating – WITH a smile!  We offer one of these training sessions every day – and twice on Saturday’s.  Go to our home page and scroll towards the bottom of the page – then click on Monthly Training Calendar to see when we offer:  KIDS’ TD Training or Teen TD Training.  You can come once per week for $79 and you don’t have to come the same day every week (it is flexible) or you can come as much as you want under the Unlimited Training Program for $150 per month.  Call us if you have any questions:  908-428-7978.

Fit & Fun Camp (summer camp for kids ages 6-13):  We are offering camp the week of July 9th and week of July 16th (Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 noon).  Only 3 spaces left for the week of July 9th – Week of July 16th is sold out.  Price is $125 per week, $115 for siblings.  We pride ourselves by offering a straight fee for camp — NO ADDITIONAL REGISTRATION OR INSURANCE FEES!  If you want more details on what to expect from camp, please go to our home page, click on TRAINING, and then click on Fit & Fun Camp. And if you wish to get on our waiting list for camp, please drop us an e-mail:

Family Fitness Nights on “Selected” Friday Nights:  We are thrilled to offer Family Fitness Nights – on selected Friday nights.  We have the kids train with one trainer – the parents train with another – and then we finish off with some fun, family dodge-ball and we even provide dessert (a scoop of vanilla ice cream to show that hard work deserves a sweet treat).  And on the Friday’s we are not offering Family Fitness night, we will be able to bring other great fitness programs like sports nutrition and family nutrition lectures – or we can close (to the public) to host a charity event.  Check our Monthly Training Calendar at the bottom of our home page to see when we are hosting Family Fitness Night – or other fitness events.   Registration is required for Family Fitness Night.  We limit the number of participants to ensure there is enough room for everyone to have fun!

ADULT Personal Training Programs:  We offer One-on-One Training, Partner Training and Semi-Private Training (3-6 people) – but we also offer our “TD” (Total Development) Bootcamps 13 times per week!  This is a very affordable way to work out with a Personal Trainer at a fraction of the cost for one-on-one training – and we use cutting-edge equipment that is a ton of fun!  We offer drop-in’s at $22, Once per Week for $79/Month or Unlimited Monthly Training for $150/Month.  We have people coming 4 and 5 days per week and are transforming their bodies!  Let us motivate you and provide the direction you need.  We offer lots of nutrition tips during your training too.  Look at the Monthly Training Calendar at the bottom of our home page to see what days/times we are offering this training. Call us if you have any questions at all:  908-428-7978.


Local Business Plugs:

You might be looking for a particular service – so let me refer one!  These are all business I (personally) use and would highly recommend!  I’ll continue to add a few more – so be sure to take a look:

NORZ HILL FARMSupport your local farmers!  Check out their website to learn more and to find out their hours of operation:

VIDEO PRODUCTION:  Kristyna Barbella – she’s unbelievable!  Kristyna has been doing all my video work (even the latest ones for my BOOTCAMP & my Fit & Fun Camp!).  She is so creative and professional, and you will love your finished product.  She also does web-design work.  Check out her website:

PRINCETON ORTHOPEDICS:  Luke Ryan Physician’s Assistant will get you the help you need.  I have several personal training clients who have had multiple shoulder issues and tennis elbow – and they received the most unbelievable treatment from Luke at Princeton Ortho!  Please call and ask for Luke 609-924-5044

Childcare services – Hillsborough, NJ: Jenie Van Cleef is a young energetic Mom of three children, and can provide your toddlers and children with a fun and safe environment @ her Hillsborough home.  Please call Jenie if you would like to obtain references or speak more about her availability. You can email her at: or call her at: (908) 829-0363

SPORTS PHYSICAL THERAPY:  This is a great place to go for any type of physical rehab – and boy, are did a great job on my lower-back pain!  They handle everything from ligament sprains to arthritic pain.  I have always had a strong core and lower back, but I guess my age (47), my strenuous training routine/6 days per week, and the long hours I spend on my feet every day as a trainer can often take a toll on my lower back.  Every now and again, it just tightens up and I am in a lot of pain.  I heavily rely on the physical therapists at Sports Physical Therapy to get me mobile and pain free again!  They have multiple locations, and one of the partners, Jeff Erickson, is a neighbor of mine – great guy!  Can’t say enough about what an awesome facility this is!  Hillsborough location:  908-359-8800, Princeton (609) 419-0455, Somerset (732) 565-5455, Flemington (908) 806-2000.

INTERIOR & EXTERIOR RENOVATION & BUILDER CO.:  Pro Builders Plus, Hillsborough — Walt handles everything from roofing and siding, to interior renovations, and additions, etc. – quality work at competitive prices:  Walt has done work for everyone in my neighborhood! References available:  Call Walt at 908-369-7562 (references are available!).

REALTOR: Are you looking to buy a new home or sell your current home? You really need someone who understands what you want and isn’t going to waste your time. Melissa is not only professional to deal with, but understands that families are the most important thing and so is the home they live in. Call Melissa Martin of Weichert Realtors — cell: 908-656-4070 or email:

TRANQUILITY ACCUPUNCTURE:  Denise Janiec-Domino is a Certified Acupuncturist and can be reached at (908) 874-8344 (located in Hillsborough and Lebanon, NJ).  Denise provides great relief to those with back pain and migraines – and can help in so many other areas (weight loss, fertility issues, etc.).  Treat yourself to great things in 2011 – and consider making acupuncture one of them! 

FRANKLIN MEDICAL GROUPDr. Steven DelMaestro (MD, Internal Medicine) of Hillsborough, NJ was approached to head up Franklin Medical Group – a new medical practice affiliated with Somerset Medical Hospital.  Before taking on this new venture, Dr. DelMaestro had his own practice for 22 years, operating out of his offices in New Brunswick and North Brunswick (NJ).  So . . . when is the last time you had a complete physical?  Your health is so important – and so is finding a doctor who cares and actually takes the time to get to know you and your health history.  Maybe you are presently getting medical care from a practice that is so huge – with so many different doctors that you feel it lacks that personal touchMake your health a priority:  908-685-2526 (located @ Franklin Commons, 454 Elizabeth Avenue, Suite 210, Somerset, New Jersey).

DRAGONFLY.COMDo you have a new business or a growing business that needs a “face-lift”?  Log on to get more info:  Dragonfly Design Studio will create your business identity, logo design, business cards, invitations and stationary, brochures & mailers, letterheads, and photo retouching & manipulation.

WILLS:  Do you presently have a will?  It may sound like something you can put off, but wouldn’t you like to make sure your family is taken care of – just the way you want?  Tiffany Moore, Esq. can help simplify the process so you can rest easy, knowing everything is outlined properly – and she’ll make sure you don’t forget anything or anyone.  And we are not just talking about monetary issues – what about guardians for your children or your pets in the unfortunate event something happens to you?  Everyone should have a will — Don’t put it off another day . . . Gain piece of mind:  Call Tiffany @ (908) 797-3198 or email her @:

HILLSBOROUGH VACUUMOK – Let’s get ready for summer – let’s do some SPRING CLEANING.  Call Hillsborough Vacuum to help!  Besides selling vacuum cleaners and central systems, and servicing & repairing vacuums, did you know that they have an array of services including carpet cleaning, tile & grout cleaning, hardwood restoring, and more?They are a local and trusted company for over 10 years!  Please check out their informative website.

LIA SOPHIA JEWELRY:  Contact Becky Regan @  If you are interest in purchasing anything please send Becky an email!  ALSO, if anyone is interested in hosting a party, Becky will be donating $50 per party to Shelter Survivors Animal Rescue of Bridgewater.

PLUMBER:  J. Johnson Plumbing & Heating, LLC.  Licensed and Insured (great guy – very reasonable – and reliable).  Call “J” at 908-874-6619

Check out this great website:

This website lists all upcoming events and happenings for kids in our communities throughout New Jersey.  Log on to see the fun local happenings.

IN-HOUSE PERSONAL TRAINING:  Anne Finetto, Hillsborough, NJ.  Unfortunately, I no longer have availability to do in-house training.  Therefore, I am happy to recommend a colleague and friend, Anne Finetto (trainer & fitness director for Rutgers University).  Anne will come to your home to provide “in-house training”.  She can assess your present home-gym equipment or make affordable suggestions for basic equipment you will need — and she has some early morning timeslots and some other hours available for training!  Anne has a dynamic personality and a passion for fitness — as I do – which is why I love her!  You can reach her via or via cell phone:  732-735-9835 

IN-HOUSE MASSAGE:  You can have a wonderfully, relaxing massage right in the privacy of your own home.  References available upon request – and I can say “I” am one of her satisfied clients!  For info or an appointment, call Meg Shelton, Certified Massage Therapist at 908-369-9352.

ARBONNE International:  Have you heard of a great line of skincare products from Arbonne International – and you weren’t sure how to get your hands those products?  Reach out to Independent Consultant, Margaret Janaszik, and she will be happy to show you these incredible products.  I love the RE9  skin care products (for more mature skin – like mine!).  You will find a notable difference in 24 hours after trying these products.  Host a party, and you will get some free items – or you can become an Arbonne representative and receive discounted prices every time you shop — totally worth it!  Contact Margaret at – cell:  732-735-6254 (If shopping on-line, Margaret’s ID# is:   18826855). All products patent pending and chemical free – formulated in Switzerland and manufactured in the US.  Awesome skin care line!

 ISAGENIX – A SUPPLEMENT LINE YOU MAY WANT TO TRY:  I have a dear friend, Alexis Romano, who is a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City, and she is very passionate about cleansing & nutrition AND she uses Isagenix products.  She (and many of her clients) have had great success with weight loss using these products, so if you are interested in trying this product line or just learning more about it, please contact her for more information @:

PODIATRIST:  Dr. Brandon Zuklie, LLC – Podiatrist: Treats any and all issues of the foot and ankle, from warts to stress fractures and all other athletic injuries.  Treats children as well as adults, and accepts most insurance plans.  Address: 1161 202N Branchburg (in the same strip mall near Phil’s Pizza and Texas Liquor — by Imclone and Chubb).  Other offices in Piscataway and Monroe, NJ – for more info:

HELP YOUR TEENAGER PLAN THEIR COLLEGE CAREER:  GamePlan:  log onto:   The Game Plan is a student-athlete consulting service located in Central New Jersey. They specialize in providing a comprehensive college selection, qualification, recruiting and admissions “game plan” for high school athletes and their parents.  After consulting with former collegiate and professional athletes, NCAA coaches, high school athletes and their parents, Michael Vanduyn and Al-Tereek Battle created THE GAMEPLAN in order to address the unmet needs of high school student-athletes.  Many their parents are either unaware of the recruiting process or they lack the time and resources to assist their children in selecting the college that fits.  And The Game plan helps to coordinate academics, fitness training, nutrition and organization skills so that your teenager will ultimately succeed.  Fitness by Hillarie is providing nutritional handouts for their basic package or one-on-one nutritional counseling for the student/athletes as needed.

In Motion Meals:   Fitness by Hillarie supports and promotes “In Motion Meals”!!  Whether you are an elite athlete who needs quality calories or someone who is simply trying to reach your fitness and weight-loss goals, then In Motion Meals is for you.  Some of you have such a hectic schedule with your career or with your family (carpooling to a variety of sporting and social events for your kids), and you might be struggling each week to make healthy meals that can help you reach your fitness goals.  I try to do a fair amount of cooking on a Sundays so I have leftovers to use for dinners during the week or for lunches during the week.  But even that can be hard if you have a busy calendar on the weekends.  In Motion Meals is a New Jersey based company that makes delicious (calorie conscious) meals that are balanced with proteins and carbs and made fresh (with no preservatives)– and then they use a special flash freezing process so these meals can be delivered to your door All the calories have been counted for you and are listed on the menu.  All the proteins and carbs have been balanced for you – and the meals are home-cooked meals that are convenient and will help you stay on track with your diet plan.  If you want to learn more about this great service, just log onto their website:  www.inmotionmeals.comIf you decide to order some meals, please let them know that Fitness by Hillarie sent you.   On the order page, just enter fitnessbyhill and you will receive a special discount.  You must hit the validate button under the referral code box for the pricing to change. 



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