Family Fitness Night

We only run these events as a special treat . . . So please check with us to see when we are having another one.  What is Family Fitness Night?  Well maybe you are looking for something different to do with your family on a weekend night.  If you think about how much money you might spend at a local chain restaurant on a Friday or Saturday night (at least $75-$150 – depending on the size of your family), or at the movies with the cost of tickets, popcorn/snacks and drinks, you will be delighted to spend a lot less at !MPACT Training for an hour and a half of fun . . . and the benefits are immeasurable!

At !MPACT our Family Fitness Night prices are SUPER DISCOUNTED so your night of fitness and fun is more affordable than going to the movies or out for dinner – and we provide the dessert!  We run these Family Fitness Nights “randomly” with a few weeks notice so people can sign up! And we always announce them in our monthly newsletters so people can plan.



1.5 hours of training and fun – under $15 per person!!
Family of Six: $69.00

Family of Five: $59.99

Family of Four: $49.99

Family of Three: $36.99

Family of two:  $24.99

More info about our Family Fitness Night:  “Pop” music is cranking as we do a fun warm-up together as one large group — then we break up into groups for training.  Kids and Adults train with their own trainer (depending on size of group) – then we come back together for group activity.  We use lots of fun equipment like TRX Suspension Training, agility ladders & hurdles, kettle bells, rebounders, weighted ropes, medicine balls, weights and more!  There are variations to all the exercises for kids and adults, so nothing here should intimidate anyone.  You work at your own pace – it’s all in good fun!

We finish off with some family dodgeball or obstacle courses or relay races (for those who wish to participate) and a scoop of vanilla Ice cream (or soy ice cream for those with dairy allergies).  The ice cream is a great way to show your family that sweet treats are a great reward for hard work, and also promotes balance in your lives!

You will love our Family Fitness Night . . . so have a healthy bite to eat at home, and head out the door!  Your training (along with the family dodgeball & ice cream social) lasts for an hour and a half, and it is a great time for parent(s), kids & teens — ages 5 and up!   Unfortunately, we do not offer programs or childcare for children under the age of 5 at this time.  If your family/group is larger than six, please call for pricing.

Come join the fun with your family at !MPACT Training!  Family Fitness Night will provide a great foundation for your family so they learn the importance of healthy eating and staying active.  The positive energy you will feel here is like nothing else you have experienced before.  And I love the fact that your kids (and ours!) won’t spend the night playing video games on the couch – we’ll work hard and have lots of laughs!