Pictured Above . . . Dan DelGuercio, Trainer @ !MPACT . . . YES, he clears both boxes in his Plyo-Jump!  You can too!

Newsletter By Hillarie Z. Scannelli (Co-Owner @ !MPACT)

Don’t fall off the wagon . . . there is still time to get back in the game!: If any of you set New Year’s weight-loss goals and then started off like gang-busters, let me ask you . . . Are you feeling “on track” or did you lose steam? Don’t fall off the wagon yet! Sometimes it is the smallest “life-style” changes that will really help make a huge impact on the outcome. Here are four simple hints:

1. DRINK WATER: Do you have any idea how much weight you can lose just by drinking ½ your body-weight in ounces? DO IT! It is the simplest thing to do – but you have to work at it since most of us do not drink anywhere near that much. Since I weigh 130 pounds, I drink 65 oz. of water per day and more during exercise.

2. DON’T SKIP BREAKFAST: Stop skipping breakfast because you don’t feel hungry or you are in a hurry . . . This slows down your metabolism and puts you in a fat-storing state once you go to grab lunch – and you break the “fast”. Instead, have a quick protein drink in a ready-to-drink carton like Myoplex Lite. At least it has a balance of proteins and carbs and they are conveniently found at your local supermarket or pharmacy.

3. EXERCISE MORE: A recent study showed that people who exercised for 50 minutes 4-5 days per week were not only able to shed unwanted bodyfat, but they were able to KEEP IT OFF years later! Let’s do this! Re-prioritize . . . Let’s MAKE time.

4. EAT 4-6 SMALLER MEALS/SNACKS THROUGHOUT THE DAY: Put your metabolism into fast gear by having a snack that is high in fiber in between your breakfast and lunch – and again in between lunch and dinner (fruits and vegetables make a great choice since they are low in calorie too!).

“Choose to Lose” 2013 Weight-Loss Challenge UPDATE: We are a little more than half-way through our 12-Week Weight-Loss Challenge . . . and there are some NICE numbers up on the board to show how many pounds each participant has lost thus far. The percentage of weight loss is also noted next to each participant . . . since that is what will determine our winner. There are awesome prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners . . . So far below is what our top five participants have lost in ONLY 8 WEEKS of dieting and training with us at !MPACT:

1) 19 lbs and 7.5%

2) 16 lbs. and 7.4%

3) 14.5 lbs. and 5.7%

4) 10 lbs. and 6.3%

5) 19 lbs. and 6.2%

More Info About This Contest:  All our participants are know by their “number” not their name – so it is kinda fun competing in this challenge — not knowing who is your biggest threat!! It’s really anyone’s game right now . . . and the other 35 participants are not far behind these top five. So if you are in this contest, reel yourself in with regards to your diet plan and get here more often for bootcamp! This could be your week to make the top five board! First place gets One Month Free Unlimited Training (Value $150) + a $75 Gift Certificate for a night of fine dining at Caffe Piazza (donated by owner of Caffe Piazza, Antonio Ruffa – who is a client at !MPACT). And this gift basket is also chock-full of other goodies like recipe books, healthy nutritional supplements and more! Second and Third Place baskets also have gift certificates for training, along with recipe books, healthy nutritional supplements and more!

!MPACT OFFERS FAMILY DISCOUNTS: Thank you to those who dropped us an email with suggestions about new programs we might be willing to offer and even some who asked about discount pricing. We listen to our clients and consider every suggestion very carefully. We recently had some requests from clients who wanted their teenage kids (ages 16+) to come for our Total Development Bootcamps as a way to get conditioned for sports – and also to help them get leaner and stronger. STARTING MARCH 1ST, !MPACT IS OFFERING UNLIMITED TRAINING TO HIGH SCHOOL & COLLEGE STUDENTS FOR $99 PER MONTH! That is a HUGE savings when you consider that we are “not” a gym but rather a facility specializing in Personal Training. If you are coming to !MPACT, you are reporting for a one-on-one session or scheduled group training session with one of our Personal Trainers. We help our clients SET and REACH their goals . . . so in addition to working with a personal trainer, we also provide FREE nutritional tips during training. Where else can you get that? Let us show you how to transform your body!!! We also offer a $25 discount per month for spouses. Our Kids’ Sports Training and Elite Athlete Training (both offered twice per week) are also discounted if you come twice per week! And lastly, we offer HUGE REWARDS for referrals ½ OFF YOU UNLIMITED TRAINING! Some have referred a few friends and have gotten their Unlimited Training for FREE that month!  We are doing our best to make Personal Training affordable for your family. It is important to know what you are getting for your money, and we are happy to be a big part of your journey through fitness . . . the destination being a healthier and happier you!

SPRING FUN CAMP “DAY”: For kids ages 6-13: Friday, March 29th from 9 a.m. till noon (Hillsborough kids are off that week). Our summer camps start at age 7 . . . but our “day camps” invite athletes as young as 6 years old . . . Please join us for a day of fitness and fun. Their day will be filled with sports games, speed & agility drills, age-appropriate strength training, interactive nutrition discussions, fun sports drills and more! Give us a call to lock in your child’s place (908) 428-7978.

FAMILY FITNESS NIGHT: Looking for something different to do with your family? Mark your calendars for !MPACT’s Family Fitness Night on Friday, March 22nd from 7:30 – 9:00 p.m.! Registration is required since we cut it off at 24 participants . . . Call us with your family member’s names, ages, and a credit card to reserve your place. This is a fun night for everyone. We do a fun family warm-up, then the kids train with one trainer and the parents train with another. Then we come together for kids vs. parents in dodgeball (FUN!), and we finish off with a scoop of ice cream to show that your hard work deserves a sweet treat. Please call us for pricing or to register!

March Group Training Calendar: Click on link (to the right of this page) to view our MARCH training calendar. Our Monthly Training Calendar shows all the days and times we offer Group Training for adults, teens and kids. Our training is a great way to decrease bodyfat, increase lean muscle, and get FIT! And our Kids Sports Training sessions and our Elite Athlete Training for teens will help your kids get faster, stronger and more confident.

SUMMER CAMPS @ !MPACT – REGISTER NOW – SPACE IS LIMITED!:All camps are ½ day – 9:00 a.m. till noon – and you can sign up for one week or as many as you like. Please note:  We listen to our clients and we had several request from parents asking if there was any way we could extend the Early-Bird Special/Registration, since they are still trying to figure out their kids’ summer schedule.  The answer is YES!  We’ve extended it to March 30th.  You save $10 per child if you register by March 30th.

– Fit & Fun Camp – for ages 7-13 (week of July 8th, and week of July 15th)

– Varsity Sports Performance Camp – for ages 13+ (week of July 22nd)

– Sports Performance Camp – for ages 8-12 (week of July 29th)

– Sports Games Camp (*new) – for ages 7-13 (week of August 16th and week of August 26th)

Our latest Client Testimonial: We just wanted to share a client testimonial that we added to our website. So happy our clients are having a positive experience – and they are sharing it with all of us!

Good Morning Mike & Hill! Saw your February newsletter and I’m so excited about all the new tools being added to my already AWESOME weight-loss & fitness program! I love having the “one stop shopping” all under one roof. I’m definitely excited to see another bootcamp class added on Wednesdays, and The Chew-the-Fat program also looks cool. I was interested in getting some additional information on the February Beachbody Challenge too! You guys rock and I am so very excited to be a part of your wonderful family. You guys (as well as Mike and Dan) and even my fellow bootcampers have all been really supportive of not only myself, but all the other members at !MPACT. You are all very motivational and I always leave there feeling good about myself, even if I struggled with some of the exercises during bootcamp. The trainers always give me the extra support I need, and when they seek me out after the training session to tell me they are proud of me and to let me know I did a great job, well that just gives me the encouragement to keep coming back and improve upon my abilities each time. It’s a nice change from your stereotypical gym where once you join, you become just another face. I still have a very long road ahead of me but I wanted to let you know that you all have made my first month at !MPACT a wonderful experience in my journey to a healthy new me!  Thanks again for being such a great group of people. You make being there fun and even though I am exhausted and a ball of jelly when I leave there, I always look forward to coming back! I can honestly say I have never had that experience before. So THANKS!!  Have a great day and I will see you on the turf!!

From:  Inger (Somerset, NJ)

Do you wanna get wrapped? . . . Shrink fat cells & rid your body of excess toxins?: You’ve gotta try this . . . Mike and I had Melissa Rice come to our facility to provide this wonderful service for us (product line called “It Works”). You can tighten, tone & firm your stomach, love-handle area, arms, and legs with instant results in 45 minutes – and progressive results in 72+ hours. You can improve skin texture & tighten, shrink fat cells, and minimize cellulite appearance. We’ve asked Melissa to come back to !MPACT to wrap up some of our clients who are interested in this (all-natural/botanical) product. Melissa will be here on Wednesday, March 13th from 7:00 – 8:30 p.m. and again on Tuesday, March 19th from 10:30 – 12:00 p.m. The cost is only $30 per wrap (maximum of 2 wraps per application – and payment would be due on the day you come for your wrap – cash and checks accepted). Please register by placing your name on the sign-up sheet at !MPACT Training for either date. If you are not presently an !MPACT client, we would still love to have you, so just call us and we will add you to the sign-up sheet!

CHEW-THE-FAT PROGRAM: OK, so again, we are listening to our clients . . . If we want to !MPACT people’s lives and help them make lifestyle changes, we’ve got to put successful plans into place to they can set AND reach their fitness goals. Our new “Chew-the-Fat” Program will help you do just that. This is not physical training, but rather a 30-minute nutrition session to help you reach your goals. We are starting out by offering this program two times per week: Tuesday mornings from 10:30 – 11:00 a.m. and again on Saturday mornings from 8:30 – 9:00 a.m. This program is only $10 to drop-in (newcomers) AND it is FREE for any of our Unlimited Training Clients and weekly Personal Training clients. You will have the option to “weigh-in” so it will keep you accountable on a weekly basis. You will also receive helpful recipes and weight-loss tips – and will have the opportunity to share your success stories or discuss your food-related obstacles and barriers. This will be a great way to learn from each other so that you keep moving forward towards your weight-loss goals. For those of you who are already participating in our Choose to Lose 12-Week Weight-Loss Challenge, please feel free to use this as an EXTRA resource to stay ahead of your competition. This resource is FREE to you (since you are already paying for Unlimited Training or weekly Personal Training), and if you want to tell your friends about it to help them reach their fitness goals, it only costs $10 for them to drop-in each week!

We’ve Extended the rollout for our “21-Day Beach Body Challenge”: You can still get “IN” on this program – just call or email us, and we’ll get you signed up to receive your diet plan and exercise options. We introduced this program last year, and our clients had amazing results – they lost inches and pounds in just 21 days! If you are already participating in our Choose to Lose 12-Week Weight Loss Challenge, you can certainly add this so that you take your weight-loss program up a notch (Additional fees apply – but we offer discounts for those who are Unlimited Training clients or personal training clients). If you are interested in registering for this event or would like pricing info, please contact: 908-428-7978.

We do “TEAM TRAINING” at !MPACT: So if you are a coach for a local team and wish to get your athletes stronger, faster and more confident, give us a call. We’ll get you onto our training calendar — and we offer discounts for groups/teams.  We have great equipment and a nice turf area for “safe” speed and agility!

DISCOUNT Training & Nutrition Events for Boys Scouts and Girls Scouts: We offer great educational events for scouts . . . and the charge is minimal per child. Please call us if you are interested in getting your troop or pack together to learn a little bit about nutrition and they will get a great workout using fun equipment too. Call Mike (908) 428-7978 or email:


WINNER !MPACT Training has a monthly drawing — for those who enter their email address on home page of our website – and they win BIG discounts on training! . . . Congratulations to: Christine Smith who won a $50 Gift Certificate to use towards Unlimited Group Training! So happy you responded to our email and you plan to come in March to use your winnings!

Don’t forget to ask us about: !MPACT BIRTHDAY PARTIES (ages 6+): If you are looking for an awesome (AND different) way to celebrate your child’s birthday, WE have the answer. Party-goers will have the experience of a lifetime using state-of-the art training equipment, just like professional athletes. To learn more about our parties, log onto our website, and find them listed on the home page under “Training” and then under “Parties and Camps”. If you would like to book a party, call us at (908) 428-7978.

Wanna lose some weight this winter and be in beach-body shape by spring?: One of the quickest ways to accomplish that goal is to replace one meal per day with a Shakeology Nutrition Drink. I am a Certified Beach Body Coach – and have seen my clients achieve amazing results by doing this! Not only are these drinks delicious, but they have everything you need (protein, vitamins, antioxidants, prebiotics & probiotics, phytonutrutients, and more!). Your body will operate more efficiently and you will reach your goals so much faster! If you wish to purchase an amazing nutritional drink to help you reach your weight-loss goals, please call me to set up some time to chat about Shakeology (the healthiest meal of the day!). Or log onto my site: If you need some extra workouts to do at home or while traveling, you can also purchase Insanity, P90X, and more from my site: You get one body . . . treat it “world class”. Stop stalling! If you need help outlining your fitness goals, just call me – happy to help: 908-428-7978.

Local Business Plugs:

You might be looking for a particular service – so let me refer one! These are all business I (personally) use and would highly recommend! I’ll continue to add a few more – so be sure to take a look:

ITALIAN CUISINE: Caffe Piazza DINE-IN, PICK-UP OR CATERING AVAILABLE: Many thanks to owner, Antonio Ruffa for donating a $75 Gift Card for a delicious night of Italian cuisine to the participant who wins our Choose to Lose (12-Week Weight-Loss Challenge). From his home-made sausage to the beef short ribs on their “specials” menu, you will remember this night of fine dining (BYOB). And don’t forget, you can pick-up your order if you have a busy week and need a healthy and delicious meal in a hurry for you & your family. Caffe Piazza also offers an !MPACT Menu – which are scrumptious meals that are a lower in calorie and carbs. Just ask for this special menu if you are interested in lighter options. Caffe Piazza is located on Route 206 in Hillsborough (in the same strip mall with Stop-N-Shop). Call them for holiday menu: (908) 359-9494

It Works Products: Melissa Rice: Skinny Wraps — all natural, botanicals, that are site specific, tighten tone and firm in 45 minutes! $30 per wrap. My info is on catalog in addition to my fb

Origami Owl – Every locket tells a story, what’s yours? Origami Owl Living Lockets are customized by choosing charms that tell the story of your life! Shoppers can personalize their lockets making our jewelry line unique! Pick your charms, pick your locket, add a decorative plate or custom chain and you’re done! Contact Betsy Toland via email at or shop online at: Host a Jewelry Bar at your home with friends & family and earn your locket for free!! Order early for the holidays, as these lockets are extremely popular.

IN-HOUSE MASSAGE: Gift Certificates available! You can have a wonderfully, relaxing massage right in the privacy of your own home. References available upon request – and I can say “I” am one of her satisfied clients! For info or an appointment, call Meg Shelton, Certified Massage Therapist at 908-369-9352.

VIDEO PRODUCTION: Kristyna Barbella – She has been doing all my video work (even the latest one for my Fit & Fun Camp!). She is so creative and professional, and you will love your finished product. She also does web-design work. Check out her website:

THE CIRCUS PLACE: Youth Circus . . . something new and different to do with your kids! Check out their website or e-mail: 908-829-3784

NIELSEN FINANCIAL GROUP, LLC has recently partnered with Premier College Funding in order to bring a more in-depth service in the area of college planning to our clients. With ever-rising college costs, affordability is on the minds of most parents and college bound students today. Are you concerned about how you will pay for your child’s college education? We will show you strategies for how to get the best education for your child at the lowest possible cost. We help families of all income levels find schools that offer maximum financial aid, guide them through the financial aid process and develop a cost-effective plan to pay for college, without sacrificing retirement or life savings. Call today for a Free Consultation at 908-359-7886 or visit us online at .

HILLSBOROUGH PODIATRY . . . Attention Hillsborough Residents – Marc Mizrachy is a fellow fitness enthusiast and also a well-recognized Podiatrist in town. They are open 6 days per week including Saturdays and three evenings. Hillsborough Podiatry Group — 719 Route 206, Suite 107, Hillsborough, NJ 08844 — (908)431-5901 —

WILLS: Do you presently have a will? It may sound like something you can put off, but wouldn’t you like to make sure your family is taken care of – just the way you want? Tiffany Moore, Esq. can help simplify the process so you can rest easy, knowing everything is outlined properly – and she’ll make sure you don’t forget anything or anyone. And we are not just talking about monetary issues – what about guardians for your children or your pets in the unfortunate event something happens to you? Everyone should have a will — Don’t put it off another day . . . Gain piece of mind: Call Tiffany @ (908) 797-3198 or email her @:

MILLER’S SERVICE STATION: Hard to find a good and honest mechanic? We’ve got one for you . . . Mike Miller at Miller’s Service Station. Love supporting local businesses — Mike is a Hillsborough resident and just moved his business from Branchburg to Hillsborough. He is located at 600 U.S. Highway 206 South (the garage at the Shell station at the corner of Amwell & Rt. 206). Mike has helped us out A LOT with some recent car and truck troubles . . . give him your troubles (908) 429-9100.

NEW GENERATION IT – Thomas Liu, IT Consultant:  I had computer virus and almost lost everything on my laptop that was only a few months old! Tom was able to clean out my computer and all my data was saved! Keep his number handy (848)565-5269 or email:

NORZ HILL FARM: Support your local farmers!

CATERING SERVICES & PRIVATE HOME COOKING DEMONSTRATIONS – JDA Catering: J. Daniel Alfaro – Executive Chef: Do you need a caterer for a special event? Or maybe would you enjoy an elegant home cooking demonstration with friends? Maybe you you’d like to plan a romantic anniversary dinner for two cooked at your own home by a professional chef? If you need anything like this, look no further . . . Chef Danny is a sophisticated, executive chef who will turn an ordinary event into something spectacular. Danny catered our Grand Opening Party and even the breakfast table looked chic with beautiful yogurt parfaits in champagne flutes. You can see some of the pictures of his food displays by going to our home page – click on MEDIA then click on PHOTOS. You can e-mail Danny @: or call him: (708) 426-8526

UPPERCASE LIVING: Betsy Toland If you love all the inspirational quotes and pictures on the walls at !MPACT, contact Betsy. Uppercase Living brings the incredible expressiveness of words into homes, transforming them into more wonderful places to live. Not only does Betsy provide a professional installation, but she also makes great suggestions with regards to colors and size. These make beautiful accents for your home! Wanna have an Uppercase Living Party at your home to get discounts on your own purchases, drop Betsy an email

Childcare services – Hillsborough, NJ: Jenie Van Cleef is a young energetic Mom of three children, and can provide your toddlers and children with a fun and safe environment @ her Hillsborough home. Please call Jenie if you would like to obtain references or speak more about her availability. You can email her at: or call her at: (908) 829-0363

INTERIOR & EXTERIOR RENOVATION & BUILDER CO.: Pro Builders Plus, Hillsborough — Walt handles everything from roofing and siding, to interior renovations, and additions, etc. – quality work at competitive prices: Walt has done work for everyone in my neighborhood! References available: Call Walt at 908-369-7562 (references are available!).

REALTOR: Are you looking to buy a new home or sell your current home? You really need someone who understands what you want and isn’t going to waste your time. Melissa is not only professional to deal with, but understands that families are the most important thing and so is the home they live in. Call Melissa Martin of Weichert Realtors — cell: 908-656-4070 or email:

FRANKLIN MEDICAL GROUP: Dr. Steven DelMaestro (MD, Internal Medicine) of Hillsborough, NJ was approached to head up Franklin Medical Group – a new medical practice affiliated with Somerset Medical Hospital. Before taking on this new venture, Dr. DelMaestro had his own practice for 22 years, operating out of his offices in New Brunswick and North Brunswick (NJ). So . . . when is the last time you had a complete physical? Your health is so important – and so is finding a doctor who cares and actually takes the time to get to know you and your health history. Maybe you are presently getting medical care from a practice that is so huge – with so many different doctors that you feel it lacks that personal touch. Make your health a priority: 908-685-2526 (located @ Franklin Commons, 454 Elizabeth Avenue, Suite 210, Somerset, New Jersey).

SPORTS PHYSICAL THERAPY: This is a great place to go for any type of physical rehab – and boy, are did a great job on my lower-back pain! They handle everything from ligament sprains to arthritic pain. I have always had a strong core and lower back, but I guess my age (48), my strenuous training routine/6 days per week, and the long hours I spend on my feet every day as a trainer can often take a toll on my lower back. Every now and again, it just tightens up and I am in a lot of pain. I heavily rely on the physical therapists at Sports Physical Therapy to get me mobile and pain free again! They have multiple locations, and one of the partners, Jeff Erickson, is a neighbor of mine – great guy! Can’t say enough about what an awesome facility this is! Hillsborough location: 908-359-8800, Princeton (609) 419-0455, Somerset (732) 565-5455, Flemington (908) 806-2000.

WILDTREE: WE’RE MAKING COOKING QUICKER, EASIER, AND HEALTHIER ! From the appetizer to the dessert… Wildtree has it all. Breads, Muffins, Pancakes & Crepes – Culinary Blends – Soups Dips, Bread Dippers & Salsas – Dressings, Marinades, Glazes & Sauces — All 100% Natural — No Artificial Additives, Preservatives, MSG, or Food Dyes –Made in a Peanut-Free Facility. Offering In-Home Tasting Events If extra $$ each month would help your family, please contact me to learn more! Betsy Toland (908) 369-4698

HILLSBOROUGH VACUUM: OK – Let’s get ready for summer – let’s do some SPRING CLEANING. Call Hillsborough Vacuum to help! Besides selling vacuum cleaners and central systems, and servicing & repairing vacuums, did you know that they have an array of services including carpet cleaning, tile & grout cleaning, hardwood restoring, and more?! They are a local and trusted company for over 10 years! Please check out their informative website.

PLUMBER: J. Johnson Plumbing & Heating, LLC. Licensed and Insured (great guy – very reasonable – and reliable). Call “J” at 908-874-6619

Check out this great website:  This website lists all upcoming events and happenings for kids in our communities throughout New Jersey. Log on to see the fun local happenings.

PODIATRIST: Dr. Brandon Zuklie, LLC – Podiatrist: Treats any and all issues of the foot and ankle, from warts to stress fractures and all other athletic injuries. Treats children as well as adults, and accepts most insurance plans. Address: 1161 202N Branchburg (in the same strip mall near Phil’s Pizza and Texas Liquor — by Imclone and Chubb). Other offices in Piscataway and Monroe, NJ – for more info:

In Motion Meals: Fitness by Hillarie & !MPACT Training supports and promotes “In Motion Meals”!! Whether you are an elite athlete who needs quality calories or someone who is simply trying to reach your fitness and weight-loss goals, then In Motion Meals is for you. Some of you have such a hectic schedule with your career or with your family (carpooling to a variety of sporting and social events for your kids), and you might be struggling each week to make healthy meals that can help you reach your fitness goals. I try to do a fair amount of cooking on a Sundays so I have leftovers to use for dinners during the week or for lunches during the week. But even that can be hard if you have a busy calendar on the weekends. In Motion Meals is a New Jersey based company that makes delicious (calorie conscious) meals that are balanced with proteins and carbs and made fresh (with no preservatives)– and then they use a special flash freezing process so these meals can be delivered to your door All the calories have been counted for you and are listed on the menu. All the proteins and carbs have been balanced for you – and the meals are home-cooked meals that are convenient and will help you stay on track with your diet plan. If you want to learn more about this great service, just log onto their website: If you decide to order some meals, please let them know that Fitness by Hillarie sent you. On the order page, just enter fitnessbyhill and you will receive a special discount. You must hit the validate button under the referral code box for the pricing to change.

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