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As many of you know, !MPACT Training partnered with Sean Fagan Fitness (SFF) in November 2020.  This partnership not only brought us Sean Fagan, but also his staff/trainer, Christian Sanchez — and they are both amazing additions to our !MPACT Team.  So over the last few months, we’ve been sharing our facility, our ideas, our training techniques, and our visions for the future.  It’s been so valuable to have like-minded business owners coming together to figure out the best way to keep thriving in our community – bringing training and fitness in a way that focuses on health and safety. We just expanded our athlete program as we recently promoted Glenn Benson (Trainer) to Head Athletic Trainer, so he is more involved in the program design for various sports teams, as well as individual athletes who are training with us.  Both Glenn and Christian are top-notch personal trainers and elite athlete specialists, and we now have interns shadowing our trainers who are pursuing their Exercise Science degrees.  So there is a lot of positive energy going on at !MPACT Training!

When we thought partnering with Sean would have an “impact” on our business, we were right!  Sean is great trainer and a smart entrepreneur, and he brought some incredible new ideas to !MPACT and helped us to expand our vision. Amongst other things, we’ve also revamped the layout of the equipment in the facility which is freeing up so much floor space, and Sean brought along some new equipment too. In recent meetings, Sean expressed his desire to further invest in !MPACT Training and one day become the sole owner instead of being a partner. This would help Michael and I retire when the time comes.  And although Michael and I are not old enough to retire yet (some days we feel like we are LOL), we were really taken by Sean’s drive and desire to take !MPACT Training to the next level.  As Michael and I move into our 10th year at !MPACT (What???!!!!! How are we open almost a decade?), we have decided that this might be the perfect time to let Sean take the reigns as the owner, and we will remain on staff as consultants and trainers.  Sometimes God puts these opportunities in front of you, and you have to trust that it is not a coincidence.  Both Michael and I, as well as Sean are seeing the great vision put before us, so we are putting the wheels in motion as we continue to grow our business

We are extremely excited to continue our journey with !MPACT knowing our new owner will preserve the legacy we have created, and we can still work with him to continue what we started.  !MPACT will not only continue to offer cutting-edge training at our state-of-the-art facility, but we will carry on with our mission to give back to our community and continue to run fundraisers for our favorite charity, Steps Together.  We are really thrilled for Sean, and we will be sending out details on a celebratory event !MPACT Training will be hosting for our present clients.  This will also be a great way for us to thank our loyal clients for sticking with us and supporting us over the last year during covid. To keep it safe, we will wait till the weather gets a little nicer and have it outdoors. So stay tuned!  If you see Sean, be sure to say “CONGRATULATIONS!!”


We just updated our training facility and have more space than ever! Not only that, but we’ve added more equipment in the weight room (check out pictures ABOVE).  We are super excited about our brand new look and feel to our training facility!!! And we are extremely appreciative that so many community members are entrusting us with their training (for themselves and their kids)!  After the rough year we had in 2020 leading right into 2021, we all need to focus more on our health and staying active – even if that means following social distancing protocols, mask wearing and hand-washing.  We will do whatever it takes to help you set your goals AND help you reach them!  Call us today for a complimentary consultation to discuss your health and fitness goals – or goals for your child or teen athlete 908-428-7978.

Stay Tuned for Spring Date!


As many of you know, I am on the board for the charity, Steps Together, that helps local families in medical/financial crisis. And pre-covid, we would host regular fundraisers at !MPACT Training – like our Superbowl Bootcamp or Holiday Vendor Boutique which were always so much fun.  Gosh, how we’ve missed hosting our indoor bootcamps with large groups all coming together for a great cause.  So stay tuned as we will be announcing a “Steps Together Outdoor, Safe-Distancing Bootcamp” in the spring as soon as the weather gets a bit nicer (and we will also have a rain date).  We will be hosting this in our back parking lot where we held our outdoor bootcamps in 2020.  At this fundraiser masks will be required, and we will also have each participant separated by cones 10+ feet apart so that everyone has a safe space to exercise and have a great time! Participants (adults and teens 13+) will donate $20 or more to participate (accepting cash or checks payable to Steps-Together), and every dollar will go directly to Steps Together.  Can’t wait!!!    –Hillarie


We are so appreciative that we have become the go-to training facility for many local sports teams – AND also for athletes from the same team who arrange discounted private training sessions.  In today’s world we have to be much more proactive with our kids’ training so they keep that competitive edge and go on to the next level of play.  So whether your kids or teens just miss exercise and training, or they are part of a sports team who is interested in working on strength, speed, agility and overall conditioning, give us a call! 908-428-7978. We will customize a program just for them!

SMALL GROUP TRAINING: This is a new service for !MPACT, as Sean Fagan brought this style of training with him when he joined our team.  These are specific workouts designed by one of our trainers, and are posted on our huge white boards.  And there is always a Personal Trainer guiding you through each of these workouts, so you are never alone.  These Small Group Training Sessions have a limited number of participants are great for both fat-burning and for building lean muscle . . . And our trainers will PUSH you so you are using challenging weights and other equipment, but of course, safe for your fitness level.  If you are interested in signing up for this monthly service, or you would like more information on the days and times we offer our Small Group Training (or pricing), please call Sean at 908-240-5660.


If you are an elite athlete or have a child or teen who is an elite athlete, you may want to consider Vertimax Training with one of our Personal Trainers.  This is a special piece of equipment designed to help an athlete become faster, stronger and more explosive.  Give us a call to set up and appointment! 908-428-7978.  

!MPACT OFFERS ½ HOUR PERSONAL TRAINING SESSIONS IN ADDITION TO OUR 50-MINUTE SESSIONS:  Some people are pressed for time, others juggling finances . . . but one thing for sure, many of you are making fitness a priority for yourself or your kids.  You now have the option to come for a full, 50-minute personal training session — OR come for a 30-minute personal training session.  Either way, we will CUSTOMIZE your training! We will help you set some goals AND then take action!  During this 30-minute session, you will perform a quick & effective warm-up, work all your major muscle groups, stimulate your core, build lean muscle, and burn calories and fat.  These sessions are customized to meet your needs, and you can also do it with a friend!  And maybe you have a young athlete who you think could benefit from some one-on-one training.  Thirty-minute sessions are extremely affordable.  Call us today to find out pricing for these sessions . . . You can pay as you come or purchase a discounted 10-Pack or 20-pack of 30-Minute or 50-Minute Sessions.  No excuses . . . you can do it now! 


FREE IN-BODY SERVICE AT !MPACT!!  This is a service that many local gyms and fitness facilities charge $40 per tracking session . . .and we are offering it for FREE at !MPACT Training to ALL of our clients!  This hospital-grade piece of equipment is 98% accurate, and it doesn’t just measure your “weight” but more importantly it measures your BODY COMPOSITION (lean muscle and body fat, in addition to hydration and more)!  And you receive a comprehensive print-out with all the data from your In-Body weigh-in, so we can use it to create a game plan for outlining your health and fitness goals based on your results . . . And who couldn’t use another layer of accountability?  It’s also exciting to track your progress after just a few weeks to see those numbers improve!  If you are interested in setting up an appointment, please give Sean a call:  908-240-5560. 


NEW !MPACT REFERRAL BONUS:  As a way to reward our present loyal clients (in addition to welcoming new clients), we are offering a brand NEW referral program.  If you refer a client who purchases a Discount 10-Pack of 50-Minute Personal Training sessions, YOU will receive a $50 credit towards your own training! So spread the word and save on training. Our goal is to help as many community members as we can to get healthy and FIT!!

DO YOU NEED A PUSH? . . . DO YOU NEED AN ACCOUNTABILITY PARTNER?  Please give us a call so we can give you a complimentary consultation to discuss your fitness goals — whether that be weight-loss, improved sports performance, improved strength and muscle tone, etc.  We have started using our new In-Body weight and body composition tracking equipment at the start of your training, and we help you set your goals so you are healthier AND happier than you’ve ever been.  Let 2021 be YOUR year to become the best version of yourself! Or maybe you have a youth or teen athlete that needs to get stronger or more conditioned for their sport of choice.  And we have plenty of Covid19 safety protocols in place to provide a safe and effective workout.  Come to !MPACT . . . We got your back, and we will help you set AND reach your fitness goals!  Call Mike 908-403-7605 or Sean 908-240-5660 and we will get you going! CLICK HERE for pricing on our Personal Training


WHAT ARE OUR !MPACT UNLIMITED BOOTCAMPS ALL ABOUTThey are a great workout, no matter your age or fitness level – AND its true, we are a community, a lifestyle, a culture, a family!  We offer bootcamps for adults and teens (ages 13+), and we offer variations to the exercises so that we meet you WHERE YOU ARE.  Injury prevention is our top priority, and we have a darn good time at our bootcamps too!  The groups are not large, and everyone is spaced out with a cone (10 ft. apart).  Each participant sets up their station with the dumbbells and other equipment the trainer outlines for the group.  Then the fun begins . . . the trainer demonstrates each exercise, with a variation for those who need it.  The workout is 45-minutes long, and we also offer Virtual Unlimited Bootcamps for those who prefer to do them at home via Zoom.  Below you will see the Unlimited Bootcamp Schedule – and give us a call if you are interested in a FREE TRIAL!  Call Mike 908-403-7605 or Sean 908-240-5660 and we will get you on track for success!  We gotta get moving! #summerbodiesaremadeinthewinter

CLICK HERE TO VIEW A COPY OF OUR UNLIMITED BOOTCAMP SCHEDULE – and please call us for one-on-one, partner, semi-private training, and small group training — as those are booked by appointment only. 


Have a healthy day!

Hillarie & Michael Scannelli, Sean Fagan

& our !MPACT Team – Glenn Benson & Christian Sanchez

(and of course, Nico & Roscoe included)

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