• Are you exercising and still feeling tired, low energy, and not noticing any changes?
  • You are looking for a roadmap and a little direction to get you making real progress towards your fitness and health goals?
  • Do you already have a workout program you’re enjoying and need help with nutrition and habit changes?
  • Do you have a chronic health condition and want to get it under control?
  • Have you been going at it on your own following all these fad diets and still not getting your desired results?
  • Do you just not know where to start?

Here’s 4 things that are fact:
1) You can’t out exercise a bad diet… Period!
2) Nutrition needs are individual based meaning what works for one person, might do the opposite for another
3) Lifestyle, Daily Habits, & Behaviors play a significant role in not only our results but our quality of life. If we do what we’ve always done, we will continue to get what we’ve always gotten.
4) We have ONE BODY to last us a lifetime. Our bodies are made from the food we eat.

If you’re tired of playing the guessing games, want to finally understand your body’s needs on a nutritional level, learn conscious eating, and start making some real progress towards your fitness and health goals, then this is for YOU!

• Nutrition 1:1- $199/month
• Weekly Coaching Calls
• Weekly Check-ins and Accountability
• Access to Kissmyfit private Facebook group for daily education on nutrition, mindset, selfcare, etc.
• Custom Nutrition Planning (Macro, Portion Control, Flexible Lifestyle)
• Develop a healthy relationship with food and your body

Living a healthy active lifestyle, while enjoying life gets to be simple!

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