One-on-One Nutrition

There are options for One-on-One Nutrition:

30-Minute Sessions = $69.00 (see description below)

1 hour session = $169.00 (see description below)

30-MINUTE OR 60-MINUTE NUTRITIONAL COACHING: Maybe you have an “idea” of how to eat healthy but could use a little more science behind your choices.  If so, you would do really well with our 30-Minute Nutritional Coaching Session which is just a re-cap of what you need to be doing in order to reach your goals.  If you require a little more guidance or need a customized program, you would choose our 60-Minute session . . . During both these appointments, you will be given handouts that outline the most important factors in decreasing body-fat and increasing lean muscle tissue.  Then we will talk about your specific goals (improve energy, eat more balanced meals for optimal healthy, lose weight, etc.).  Your 60-Minute Session will have you leaving with a customized PLAN rather than general knowledge of how to clean up your present eating style.  During your 60-Minute session, we will talk about your daily schedule so you know WHEN to eat and WHAT to eat (based on foods you enjoy).  Just give us a call or email us to set up your appointment with one of our trainers for this appointment!

1 HOUR NUTRITIONAL COACHING SESSION:  In this type of a session, you will be provided with plenty of customized handouts so you can continue to read and absorb the information long after your session is over – and it is a very interactive session so you won’t be bored at all.  When doing a one-on-one session, we will outline (in detail) your goals and your daily schedule, and identify any health issues, obstacles or barriers that might be present.

Prior to your appointment, you will fill out a nutritional questionnaire via email (outlining your goals, your likes and dislikes – and you will identify any food allergies) – and then Hillarie will use that when preparing a customized sample diet.  Here are the benefits of this One-on-One nutritional counseling appointment:

–  Moving Forward!  You will have the education and motivation you need to succeed, along with a customized sample diet to get started (based on foods that you, “personally” enjoy eating).

–  Supplements:  Hillarie will share some of her favorite protein supplements and healthy snacks so clients are introduced to convenient snacks to help them succeed.  You can decide whether or not you would like to incorporate them into your plan.

–  Tracking Progress:  If you are coming for follow-up sessions, weighing in and taking body measurements are two great ways to track your progress.  Accountability is the first step when starting a new plan.  Let us know if you plan to do follow-up sessions so we can take some measurements!  And if you are an elite athlete, body-fat measurements can also be taken.

–  Follow-Up:  Although it is not mandatory, follow-up sessions are suggested so your food log can be monitored and success can be achieved.  These sessions can also be incorporated with training sessions (so be sure to ask Hillarie about that option).  Another reason some people feel they need 30-Minute Follow Up Sessions (in person or virtually/cell) . . . We can help you create your food-shopping lists, introduce healthy recipes, and provide the support you need to outline your weekly meals in an organized and cost-effective manner.   And this will also help to ensure you are addressing any obstacles and barriers you might be experiencing with your nutritional plan.  The goal here is to set up a plan for success.  This is a life-style change, not a fad diet . . . so changes need to happen slowly.

Reminder: If this One-on-One session is for your child or teen, a parent should attend this session — since they will need to understand the program to help implement it at home.  There are no additional fees related to having a parent accompany a child or teen.


Nutrition equates to at least 75% of your success. What we eat amounts to how we feel, look AND perform every day! The initial session lasts 1 hour (sometimes 5 or 10 minutes longer), and it is very interactive — so you will learn a lot and you will not be bored at all! At this appointment you will gain a clear understanding of exactly what you need to eat and why. Hillarie will teach you how to eat balanced meals – and how to work them into your daily routine/schedule. We take all the guess work out of it for you – since we teach you how to scientifically combine foods that promote fat loss and a healthy metabolism.  Learning to eat healthy, “balanced meals” will help you increase lean muscle and decrease bodyfat – and you will become lean, fit and strong!  We will help you get in the best shape of your LIFE!  You may have tried lots of “diets” but it is important to take a few things into consideration (like your age, gender, and activity levels).  And we want to encourage this new LIFESTYLE to help you in your quest to be healthier and more energized rather than any kind of fad diet.  You will also learn to “fuel” your body properly before and after exercise so you understand how to burn fat – not muscle.  You will leave the session with plenty of handouts to help you with meal planning too, since that is crucial to your success. You will be set up for success by the end of this initial session!  The cost of the 1 hour session is $169.  If a parent wishes to accompany their teen to help them implement the nutritional strategies we put into place, there is no extra charge for that parent to attend.  If a spouse wishes to attend to help their husband or wife implement the program, there is no extra charge for them as well – but only one customized plan will be outlined.  Some people find themselves more successful with one or two follow-up sessions to ensure they are on track to reach the fitness goals that were set at the Initial Nutrition Session.  Follow-Up sessions are $35 per session (30 minutes) – or you can purchase a 10-Pack for $325 (which saves you $25).  We accept cash, checks and VISA/MC/Discover/AMEX.