At !MPACT Training we strongly urge teams to train together with our knowledgeable and experienced trainers – using cutting edge equipment.  This not only promotes team spirit and helps to build stronger/faster athletes, but when athletes train together they provide support for one another – and that carries out onto the field.  And it is always important to stay on top of current training techniques to promote strength and reduce injuries. We’re so excited we already have a few teams training with us in an effort to gain that competitive edge ahead of their competition.  So if you are a coach for a local team and wish to get your athletes stronger, faster and more confident, please give us a call.  This is great for “off season” training or a great way to stay committed during the regular season.  We have plenty of room in our 5,000 sq. ft. training facility — even a cushioned turf area for speed & agility. It is so important to offer athletes a training environment that is SAFE– so they can just focus on getting faster and stronger, without the worry of getting hurt (by running & shuffling on a hard or slippery floor).  We offer discounts for groups/teams. You can choose to come for weekly training with your team in order to give them that competitive edge – or you can use it as a team-building activity or reward system for your team once per month (or as often as you like).  Contact us to find out pricing and availability:  908-428-7978. And you can also think about our Sports Team Nutrition Program for your athletes.  This is a fun, interactive sports nutrition lecture that will teach your athletes how to eat properly – and how to fuel their bodies for optimal performance.  

More on TEAM TRAINING:  Why should you have your team train at with us at !MPACT? Here’s the thing . . . sometimes coaches are great at what they do . . . knowing the game and knowing how to instruct, inspire and coach the players.  However, that doesn’t mean they should be expected to know everything about “how” to train and develop an athlete’s body.  When an athlete gets hurt, it’s not necessarily their primary doctor that treats them.  They are usually referred to an orthopedic specialist and then referred onto a sports physical therapist for their expertise on how the athlete can heal, restore strength and get back in the game!  The same is true for training an athlete.  Let us train your athletes to give your team that competitive edge!

Here is just SOME of the cutting-edge equipment they will use when working with our trainers on our brand new turf space:

Speed and Agility Sandpit (P16’ x 4’)
InBody570 (FREE for Members)
Medicine Ball Rebounders
Ski Erg’s
Row Erg’s
Combat Bikes
Med Balls 3lbs-150lbs
Kettlebells 5lbs-100lbs
Obstacle Course/Ninja Warrior Equipment
50ft Climbing Rope
4 Cage/Racks
TRX & Rip Trainers
Bumper Plates
Lifting Chains
Prowler Sleds
30yd Turf Straight Away



!MPACT Training is happy to refer you to four great groups for athlete injuries and rehabilitation:

Belle Mead Physical Therapy:  Mark Nagel/Owner:  476 Amwell Road, Hillsborough, NJ 08844 — (908) 281-6515

Sports Physical Therapy:  1 Jill Court (unit #16), Hillsborough, NJ 08844 – (908) 359-8800  This is an outstanding facility that handles everything from ligament strains to arthritis pain.  And their large facility has plenty of room for athletes to perform functional movements with their therapists so they are back on the field in no time!

And depending on where you live, the following Orthopedic Groups are TOP NOTCH:

Princeton Orthopedics:  325 Princeton Avenue, Princeton, NJ 08540 – (609) 924-8131

Center for Orthopedic Care:  215 Union Avenue (suite B), Bridgewater, NJ 08807 (908) 685-8500