At !MPACT Training we want your team(s) to train together w/our knowledgeable and
experienced trainers – using cutting edge equipment.  This not only promotes team
spirit and helps to build stronger/faster athletes, but when athletes train together they
provide support for one another and that carries out onto the field. 
It is always important
to stay on top of current training techniques to promote strength and reduce injuries.
We’re so excited to already have a few teams training w/us in an effort to gain that
competitive edge ahead of their competition.  So if you are a coach for a local team and
wish to get your athletes stronger, faster and more confident, please give us a call.  This is
great for “off season” training or a great way to stay committed during the regular

We have plenty of room in our 6,000 sq. ft. training facility — even a cushioned
turf area for speed and agility. It is so important to offer athletes a training environment
that is SAFE– so they can just focus on getting faster and stronger, without the worry of
getting hurt (by running and shuffling on a hard or slippery floor). 

We offer discounts for large groups/teams.
Contact us to find out pricing and availability:  Sean: (908) 240-5560.