Question & Answers with some of the “Pro’s”

ARTHUR MOATS:  NFL 6th Round Draft Pick 2010 – Linebacker — Buffalo Bills . . . 2015 Update:  Starting Linebacker for the Pittsburgh Steelers!
Hillarie:   Hey Arthur, if you could tell me what you learned when I was handling your Sports Nutrition Program at TEST Football Academy, what would you say?
Arthur:  Well, I definitely remember calling you from a Wal-Mart when I was looking to purchase some protein drinks so I wouldn’t lose any weight prior to the NFL Combine!!! I had worked very hard to gain weight and increased lean muscle mass. The main thing I learned was the importance of eating healthier foods with the right calories to gain weight versus eating a lot of junk to gain weight. That’s a big misconception, because I always thought if I just eat a lot of anything, I’ll put on good weight –but that’s definitely not the case.  I also learned that by cutting down on my treats/snacks, my body felt better and my performance was elevated.  Even though I still have a sweet tooth, I’ve cut down on eating these snacks – from everyday to just eating them on the weekends, and not binging.

JEROMY MILES:  NFL Combine Athlete 2010 – Defensive Back – Cincinnati Bengals . . . 2014 Update:  Now playing for the Baltimore Ravens!
Hillarie:  Jeromy, tell me about how our nutrition plan has impacted your life.
Jeromy:  Nutrition has been a huge part of my success in the NFL.  Without the plan that Hillarie put together for my pre-combine training, my body wouldn’t have been able to perform at such a high level. The right combination of proteins, fats, and carbs are often overlooked when we watch successful athletes on TV.  Hillarie does the perfect job of finding the perfect combinations for each individual athlete in order for them to perform at the highest possible level.  After working with Hillarie I’ve found the blueprint for the perfect diet in order to reach all of my goals on the football field.  Amazing is the perfect word to describe her body of work.

VLADIMIR DUCASSE: 2nd Round Draft Pick 2010 – Offensive Tackle – NY Jets: . . . 2015 Update:  Now Playing for the Minnesota Vikings!
Hillarie: Vlad, when you and I met at TEST Football Academy, what were your main goals with regards to nutrition?
Vlad: I met with you, Hillarie, because I needed to lose weight and put on some muscle for the NFL Combine (so I would be faster and stronger). Not only were you able to provide me with the proper nutritional information, but you helped me stick to the plan. The results were good – my body fat went down, I lost the weight AND put on more muscle – thank you, Hillarie!

SEALVER SILIGA: NFL Combine Athlete 2010 – Starting Defensive Tackle for the Denver Broncos (2012):  2015 Update:  Now Starting for the New England Patriots!
Hillarie:  Playing college or professional football can really beat up your body.  Do you put much emphasis on food with regards to how it affects your performance?
Sealver:  With your help, Hillarie I learned that FUELING your body with the right foods can help your performance. I’m a true believer that if you fuel your body with healthy meals you will be surprise on what your body can do. Much thanks to you.  I keep that mentality with how I treat my body in the NFL.

SHAKY SMITHSON:  NFL Combine Athlete 2010 – Wide Receiver drafted by Green Bay Packers:
Hillarie:   Hi Shaky!, First – let me say that you made such a huge impression on my 10-year old son, Tony.  He wants to be a wide-receiver in the NFL someday so when you gave him a pair of your signed receiver gloves you wore in the Senior Bowl, it was just an unbelievable moment for him.  Thank you so much for being such a great role model for kids.  I know you are also an amazing role model for your little brother who plays football . . . that’s awesome!  OK, so if you could tell me what you learned when I was handling your Sports Nutrition Program, what would you say?
Shaky Well first thank you and tell Tony to keep up the good work.  And second, what I learned when training with you for the NFL Combine is that I can be that much better if I put the right things in my body.  So I started being more careful, and sure enough my performance was much better.  It made me realize that eating right was the way to go!  Then after you set out a diet plan for me to follow, I couldn’t believe my body fat went down 5%, my speed increased and even my breathing was smoother.  Proper nutrition with the right training is the way to go.  So I advise everyone to eat well!!

ALEX LINNENKOHL, 2010 NFL Combine Athlete from Oregon State
Hillarie:  I’m in the process of writing an e-book to educate young athletes on the importance of proper nutrition.  I also wanted to include your comments on the website for my new training and nutrition facility in New Jersey.  What did you learn from our sports nutritional counseling that you think would help young athletes?
Alex:  If I were going to give advice to a youngster about what I learned after meeting you, I would tell them that the importance of what they put in their body is higher than they ever thought. I would remind them that the benefits of good/healthy eating are very real, and it can change their game and their body like they never knew possible. You would think this would be obvious to a person, but after 15 years of playing football at different levels, it is easy to get the feeling that you can eat whatever you want and all the hard work will make it right no matter what.  I knew that eating better would probably change my body, and when I ate terribly my body showed the signs.  It wasn’t until I met Hillarie @ TEST that I really committed to eating well — and it was an eye opener because I realized that all along I could have been getting much, much better results if I had just been a little bit more disciplined eating during college and high school. So I would tell a kid that eating well is just as important or more important as training well, and that, while difficult to do, committing to it and trying it is the only way to really prove to yourself that it’s truly effective.