FIVE + ONE Training (Adults and Teens 15+): Our trainers outline FIVE body-weight exercises or weight-bearing exercises for participants to complete . . . in addition to ONE cardio-related exercise to create a more elevated heart-rate.  When all participants finish this circuit of FIVE + ONE, the trainer introduces FIVE + ONE new exercises to complete . . . and the session continues this way for 50/55 minutes.  This is a great way to add interval training intio your routine.  This kind of workout burns fat, builds lean muscle tissue and helps to tone and define your muscles.  This class is perfect for both the beginner or advanced fitness enthusiast, since there are variations to the exercises based on your abilities.

Pricing:  This training is FREE for those who are already Unlimited Training Clients . . . but you can drop-in for only $20 if you are not already a monthly client.