Partner Training

Your partner training session lasts 55 minutes, and the session is tailored to meet the needs and goals of each client.  Let us take the guess-work out of your training so you can set AND reach your fitness goals.   Whether your goal is to get stronger, increase your metabolism, lose inches, improve sports performance or just improve your overall health, Hillarie and the rest of the team at !MPACTTraining will get you there.  Clients will provide basic health background, and their physical fitness level will be evaluated during their first session. You can let us know the muscle groups you would like to target or just let us run you & your partner through one of our fat-burning, muscle-building workouts. These fun, results-oriented workouts combine weight (resistance) training, cardiovascular exercise, core training, functional fitness and flexibility.  And if you are an elite athlete, your training sessions can be outlined to meet your sports specific goals. If you lack motivation or just need guidance, look no further . . . that’s what we’re here for! And partner training is a great way to work with a trainer and split the cost with a friend.WE use cutting-edge equipment like:

– Weighted Ropes

– Balance Equipment

– Cardio Equipment

– Dumbbells & Weighted Machines

– Medicine Balls

– Kettle Bells

– Bosus & Fitness Balls

– TRX Suspension Training

– TRX Rip Trainer

– Truck Tires for Flipping

– Weighted Sleds

– Sledge Hammers for Slammin’ and MORE!

Pricing:  $70 per session . . . so two people can split the cost ($35 each) – which is only a fraction of the price for One-on-One Training, and there is still plenty of indivudalized attention.  Discount 10-Packs are available.  Please call for pricing.

Please call for pricing and available time slots. Please note: In order to avoid charges, we require 24-hour’s notice for all personal training, partner training, semi-private training, turf rentals and nutrition appointments. This allows us the opportunity to offer the time slot to someone on our waiting list. Thank you!