POWER & Strength

This training session is for adults and Teens Ages 17+:  Power & Strength requires WEEKLY REGISTRATION because it is limited to 8 participants (since spotters are needed for some of the exercises).  This will be offered FREE for Unlimited Training Clients — or if you are not an Unlimited Training client, it is only $20 per session and you can reserve your place using a credit card.  There is a sign-up sheet on a clipboard at the front desk.  During this session you will perform POWER and STRENGTH exercises with weights (i.e., bench press, dead-lift, squats, etc – mixed with dumbbell exercises and weighted machines).  Perfect if you want to get stronger & increase lean muscle mass or if you are training for sports.  Please note:  Participants must call within 24-Hours to cancel if they are unable to keep the appointment.  This way we can reach out to those on the waiting list.