Bootcamps (Multi-Level)

Bootcamps (45 Minutes):  !MPACT Training is putting a different  “spin” on bootcamp training with our Bootcamps – and it is for ALL fitness levels (beginner or advanced fitness enthusiasts)  We like to call these bootcamps METABOLIC RESISTANCE TRAINING . . . since this type of activity burns more calories and fat & helps to increase lean muscle!   During this training, we use some traditional military-style drills – and then we use weights and core exercises that require you to use your body’s own resistance.  This training is for men & women – along with teenagers ages 13 and up.


HERE IS WHERE WE ARE DIFFERENTWith our training, we use cutting-edge equipment like:

– Weighted Ropes – Balance Equipment – Cardio Equipment – Dumbbells – Medicine Balls – Kettle Bells – Bosus  -TRX Suspension Training  – TRX Rip Trainer – Truck Tires for Flipping – Weighted Sleds – Agility Ladders – Sledge Hammers for Slammin’ and MORE!

But don’t let all this intimidate you if you are a beginner or haven’t worked out in a while.  There is always a variation for the exercises, and you absolutely work out at your own pace.  Although Group Personal Training is sort of an oxymoron (since you are with a group), you are still working out with a personal trainer during our Multi-Level Bootcamps – and you will be exposed to equipment and exercises that you would only have when working with a trainer.  Our trainers will motivate you, teach you the proper form, and make you feel great about yourself!  And you will love the energy you get from your fellow bootcampers.  Get into the best shape of your life with this very affordable form of Group Personal Training!  WHAT TO BRING: PLEASE BRING A TOWEL, A WATER BOTTLE AND YOUR ENERGY FOR GROUP TRAINING AND YOU ARE ALL SET!

We also have a great REFERRAL PROGRAM — bring a new client who also signs up for Unlimited Group Training and you save $25 for Unlimited Group Training the following month!  If your friends sign up for the 3-month commitment, you get a $50 discount on your training that month!   Again, if you are coming 4 days per week (and you should be!!), this discounted price would have you paying less than $10 for each visit and you are NEVER working out alone.  You have the guidance and motivation from a trainer.  Are you getting that at your local gym?  Let us help you set some goals and reach them!

We offer more than a dozen Group Training Sessions per week with our personal trainers!  We also offer a discount for College and High School Students at $99 per month!   To view our Monthly Group Training Calendar, go to our home page, and scroll down below the pictures . . . towards the bottom of the home page, you will see MONTHLY TRAINING CALENDAR — click, download, and keep it handy!  We offer lots of different time slots to accomodate our clients’ busy lives and schedules!