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FREE POST-TURKEY DAY WORKOUT – FOR CLIENTS AND GUESTS!!  This will be a partner-style, multi-level bootcamp that will suit everyone!  Beginners will be offered variations, advanced fitness enthusiasts will be challenged, and fun music will be cranking to help make burning off all that stuffing and pie a little easier!  This session starts on Friday, November 27th at 8:30 a.m. and lasts an hour.  If you are new to !MPACT, just arrive 10 minutes early to fill out a short registration/waiver form — and bring your family and friends!  Again, this session is FREE for everyone (adults and teens 15+).


WIN TWO FREE PERSONAL TRAINING SESSSIONS!   GET FIT FOR THE HOLIDAYS – WEIGHT-LOSS COUNT-DOWN CONTEST!  All you have to do is lose 5 pounds between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, and you will win TWO FREE personal training sessions with Hillarie Scannelli (owner/trainer at !MPACT Training)!  Sounds like there has to be a catch, right?  Not at all!!  Read our FULL NEWSLETTER for more info, as weigh-ins must be done on Monday, November 30th or Tuesday, December 1st in order to qualify AND you need to be a registered client at !MPACT coming for weekly training (group or privates).

WINTER BREAK COLLEGE SPECIAL  Many of you have college students coming home during the holidays for their winter break . . . We’d love to have them training with us!  Our regular price for middle school, high school and college students is $99 per month for Unlimited Training.  BUT since the college students are usually home for a little longer than a month for winter break, we thought we would extend this discounted price to include the entire time they are home. So if they are home for 5, 6 or 7 weeks, it will STILL only be $99 for their entire break . . . YAHOO!  Call or email us if you need more info:

WE HAVE GIFT CERTIFICATES FOR THE HOLIDAYS We can create a gift certificate based on whatever service you would like to give to that special person . . . Training, Nutrition, or BOTH.  Please consider giving someone the gift of health – whether it is for training or nutrition – or better yet, we have a 12-Week Program starting in January that includes both training and nutrition, so it would be everything your loved one needs!  See info on our 12-week program below.  It’s called “Change Your Mindset”!  If you need gift certificates for any of our services, just drop Mike and email and he will hook you up!


CHANGE YOUR MINDSET:  12-WEEK NUTRITION, TRAINING & POSITIVE MINDSET PROGRAM STARTS JANUARY 3RD!  You need a lifestyle change NOT a crash diet to start off your 2016.  We are offering a 12-Week Program that includes A DETAILED NUTRITION PROGRAM that walks you through, week-to-week, with diet plans to follow, recipes, and motivation so you get the results you are looking for!  This 12-week program also includes your cutting-edge training led by one of our certified/degreed personal trainers – and lastly, this program takes a look at your mindset to see if you might need to take on a different approach.  This new program includes 3 months of Unlimited Training, along with the nutrition package, a nutrition & life-coaching lecture at our roll out meeting on January 3rd (12:00 p.m. sharp) and constant motivation throughout your program.  Let’s face it, you can train 4 or 5 days per week and eating somewhat healthy . . . but if you are still eating too many calories or processed foods, or skipping meals when you are busy, and binging too much on weekends — you are NOT going to get the results you are after.  So when you combine the personalized training we offer in a group setting, ALONG WITH an organized nutrition plan to follow for 12 weeks, and positive reinforcement plan for your MINDSET, you have all the necessary components you need to succeed. Our helpful staff will help you succeed!  Make 2016 the year that you take control of your life and make it even better!  TO MAKE THIS PROGRAM EVEN MORE EXCITING, we will offer prizes every month to the person who achieves the greatest weight loss (percentage of body weight).  These prizes will include items like FREE personal training sessions, Renaissance Salon or Revival Barber Shop Gift Certificates, Nutritional Supplements, Restaurant Gift Cards, Fitness equipment and MORE!  This 12-week program will be offered to our present clients as well as new clients who wish to sign up specifically for this 12-Week Program.  For info and pricing, please email:

WE HAVE IMPACT HOODIES AND ZIP-UP HOODIES – They also make great HOLIDAY GIFTS!  The Hoodies are a nylon wicking material, and the zip-up hoodies are cotton/fleece.  See pictures below – Nylon/Wicking Hoodie is $45, and Zip-Up Cotton/Fleece Hoodie is $40.  To place your order, call Michael at 908-428-7978.

TURF RENTALS:  We are starting to get quite a few requests from teams to rent our spacious indoor turf field (pictured below). . . It’s the perfect space for athletes and sports teams to do their indoor training.  In our 4800 sq. ft. facility we offer a 20 x 18 yard turf area that has a state-of-the-art plyometric cushioning beneath the turf, in addition to high ceilings — so we are able to offer athletes & teams a safe and spacious area to train or practice.  This is also perfect for teams who need to do an indoor “walk-thru” practice or any other kind of team-building event or get-together (i.e. end-of-season parties). Turf area is available for use Monday through Thursday (after our group training sessions are finished) starting at 7:30 or 8:00 p.m., as well Friday’s starting at 6:30 p.m. – and all day on Saturday’s and Sunday’s.  Daytime availability during the week is also an option during the summer months or during school breaks.  Rates are extremely reasonable.  Please call or email us to find out our availability for the days/times you are interested in reserving for your team (908) 428-7978 or email:

MONTHLY GROUP TRAINING CALENDAR:  Wanna see what we offer?  PLEASE CLICK HERE to take a look at our DECEMBER GROUP TRAINING CALENDAR for adults, teens and kids.  We have such a wide variety of group training sessions ranging from strength & resistance training to multi-level bootcamps or cardio-style workouts . . . We have just what you need!  AND PLEASE TAKE NOTE OF CHANGES TO SCHEDULE OVER HOLIDAY WEEKENDS. We also offer one-on-one personal training, partner training or semi-private training and those are scheduled separately.  So please call us to let us know your availability and we will get you onto our trainer’s calendar (908) 428-7978!

SPIRIT WALL @ !MPACT:  We are very honored to display pictures of some of the athletes who train with us (either privately or through our Elite Athlete Program) on our new Spirit Wall at !MPACT Training.  And every month we feature a few of our high school, middle school, and intermediate school athletes in our newsletter as well.  So here are a few more athletes we have added to our Spirit Wall:  Faith Skavron (age 10 – girls’ softball), Carson Venis (HHS Lacrosse), and Caleigh Groff (HHS Field Hockey and Softball) .  We love when athletes use their off season to gain that competitive edge.  Whether they need to get stronger or faster or become more agile with the ability to change direction quickly, we can help.  What we love most of all is that we build confidence so our !MPACT athletes are ready to hit the field to display their best abilities.  Congrats to all our athletes!  I will continue to highlight more every month!  See pictures of Faith, Carson and Caleigh below!

Faith Skavron (above)

Carson Venis (above)

Caleigh Groff (above)


Looking to adopt a family this holiday season Are you looking to get into the GIVING spirit?  As you know, I am honored to be on the board for Steps Together, and they came up with an amazing idea to help each of the beneficiaries.  The holidays are going to be a tough time for these families, since they already have financial dilemmas as they deal with a medical crisis.  Therefore, holiday shopping is going to be a stretch for them.  If you log onto the Steps Together site listed below, you will be able to see a gift list for each family, along with links to purchase those gifts.  You will be instructed to contact Courtney Newman via email so she can provide the shipping information for the family – and then she will remove that gift item from the site so nobody else purchases it.  This will give the parents/beneficiaries the ability to put gifts for their children under the tree.  We hope you will consider logging on to help these families in need:

Holiday Vendor Boutique Update:  Our Holiday Vendor Boutique on Thursday, November 12th  was an amazing success. We raised $1,350 for our favorite charity, Steps Together, helping local families in medical crisis (  Thank you so much to the vendors and shoppers who supported this charity event.

!MPACT’s Pay-It-Forward Video:  We made this video two years ago with the hope it will inspire you and put you in the giving spirit:

Cut-A-Thon — A Total Success:  A BIG Thank You to Jen Korab, owner of Renaissance Hair Salon and Revival Barber Shop . . .On Saturday, November 21st, she hosted a Cut-A-Thon at Revival Barber Shop.  Haircuts were only $10 and proceeds went to . . . you guessed it . . . Our favorite charity, Steps Together!  Jen is also a board member for this charity, as she runs the annual fashion show too.  Jen raised over $700 in one day with Saturday’s Cut-A-Thon.  Awesome!!


CONGRATS TO THE JR. RAIDERS VARSITY SKYLANDS TEAM (photo below):  YAY!  They clinched the championship game and had an UNDEFEATED season.  We were honored and proud to have our son, Anthony Scannelli, on the team.  Great picture below of the team after their BIG win on Saturday, November 21st.  Many thanks to the Head Coach, Paul Popadiuk for all the time and effort he put into this team, along with the other coaches.  Impact Training couldn’t be prouder . . . as we are an official sponsor of the Hillsborough Jr. Raiders.

CONGRATS TO THE JR. RAIDERS PEEWEE TEAM (photo below):  This team had an amazing season, and won their championship game on Saturday too!  So proud of these kids — and many thanks to the Head Coach, Mike Minetti for all the time and effort he put into this team, along with the other coaches.  Way to end the season boys!

CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR JR. RAIDERS CHEERLEADERS TOO!  Our very own JV squad took 1st place — and Varsity took 2nd place this weekend at their cheer competition.  We are extra proud since we trained all of these girls at our facility in their off-season to prepare for competition.  Way to go, girls!  And way to go Coaches:  Christy & Rachel Kanaby, Michelle Drab, Christine Araco, and Maria Marnell.  Beyond Proud!  Beyond proud of these young ladies!  See photo below:

JV Cheer Team

Varsity Cheer Team

CONGRATS TO OUR DILIGENT STUDENTS!  Attention !MPACT Athletes with GOOD REPORT CARDS:  We always want to encourage kids to train hard to enhance their performance . . . but we also want to remind them that academics come FIRST.  Therefore, if any of our elite athletes (grades 6-12) get straight “A’s” on their next report card, we have a Smoothie King Gift Card for them!  It is always nice to be rewarded!  If your kids are training with us, make sure they bring their next report card in to show us!

CONGRATS TO MIKE KELDERMAN,CHRISTINE MURPHY, STACEY KIERNAN AND CHRISSY STRANDBURG As you know, our trainer, Mike Kelderman enters strongman competitions every year.  It is a great way to remain goal oriented and also a fantastic way to stay disciplined on your training program.  Well Mike entered his latest competition and brought some members of his !MPACT family with him!  Below is a picture of this inspiring group:  Mike (2nd place in his weight class), his fiance’ Christine (2nd place women’s novice), along with Stacey (2nd place in her weight class) and Chrissy (novice competitor).  All members of !MPACT Training . . . We couldn’t be more proud!

CONGRATS TO ALISON DEMAIO – She only had a few pounds to lose to feel her best, and lost 10 POUNDS and 18.75 inches in 30 days!  Alison is not only a cleanser, but a super dear friend of mine.  Her twin brother, Manny DeMaio was one of my very first clients when I had my Fitness By Hillarie business in my basement back in 2003.  At the time, Manny was only 11 years old, and came for speed, agility and strength training until he graduated from Hillsborough High School — and I am still very connected to Alison & Manny along with their mom, Suzanne.  I love when dear friends reach out, wanting to get healthier and improve energy levels. . . . So happy you are loving this lifestyle change, Alison – and that you are heading into the holiday season 10 pounds lighter!  Thank you for being disciplined and for making it happen, girl!

A BIG CONGRATS TO SUSAN KOLSBY — A BUSY GAL WITH A BUSY CAREER, WHO MADE NO EXCUSES!  Susan wanted to lose 15 pounds, and was hoping she could do that with this program, and she also wanted to improve her energy levels.  CONGRATS ON LOSING 16 POUNDS IN 30 DAYS!   You ROCKED this program, Susan, and excited you maintained your weight, even with a week trip to Paris!!  Lifestyle changes learned can go a long way!  YAY!

NICE JOB ELAINE FERRARA I’m thrilled to celebrate Elaine’s success — since she is another triumphant cleanser who is heading into the holiday season lighter and happier.  Elaine lost 10 pounds in 30 days, so she will need to go shopping for some new winter clothes and holiday dresses! Congratulations, Elaine!  So proud of you, and so happy this new lifestyle is agreeing with you!

WAY TO GO DEANA PRINCIOTTA Another busy mom who took on the challenge, and learned a healthier way of eating through nutritional cleansing.  Between the shakes on the program, focusing on portion control and balanced meals, she was sure to succeed.  Congrats on losing 9 pounds on the program!!

UPDATE ON MY HIGH SCHOOL FRIEND RICH D’AVANZO . . . Last month I reported that he had lost 13 pounds by day 13 of his program . . . Well, he finished his program losing a total of 19 pounds – and then a week into his maintenance program, lost another 2.  So congrats on losing a total of 21 pounds so far.  Rich is a busy middle school teacher from Union, and he found this simple-to-follow program to be just what he needed.  That’s awesome, Rich – CONGRATS!

CONGRATS TO SOME OF OUR OTHER NUTRITIONAL CLEANSING TEAM MATES:  Are these amazing before and after photos or what?  So proud of them!

Hanah may not have had a lot of “weight to lose” but she wanted to tone and build a better body!! Congrats!

Congrats to Mary Wettengel who entered the 100 Pound Club!  She lost 100 and is maintaining that loss!

Check out Sam who looks at least 10 years younger after starting nutritional cleansing!  YAY Sam!

THINKING ABOUT DOING THE 30-DAY NUTRITIONAL CLEANSE?  What a great way to get a jumpstart on your 2016 program, and this program is for any man or woman who is interested in decreasing bodyfat, improving energy levels, losing weight and improving overall balance and health!  I would love to hear about your goals to see if this program would be a good fit for you.  Call me so we can set up a free 15-20 minute phone consult.  Thirty days can change your life!  This program will help you decrease bodyfat, lose weight and inches, improve energy levels and most of all, you will be healthier!  And this program works FAST, which is a great way to stay motivated throughout the program.  This weight-loss plan is not only scientifically proven, but the magic is in the maintenance.  I now have a game plan for weekend fun, vacations, and the holidays.  And I don’t need to feel deprived, nor guilty for enjoying myself – and the shakes are delicious.  If you are interested in learning more about just drop me an email with your cell number, and I will give you a call:  I would be happy to provide complimentary coaching for this program so you are sure to succeed!  And you do not have to be an !MPACT client to get in on this one . . . Come one . . . Come all!  The before and after photos shown ABOVE are amazing!  And you can take the weight off and KEEP it off!  (908) 428-7978.

ANYBODY LOOKING FOR  EXTRA INCOME?  YOU MAKE YOUR OWN HOURS! Contact me if you want to find out more about Nutritional Cleansing or how to become part of MY TEAM of nutritional cleansing coaches.  You will get all the training you need to do your job, and it is such an uplifting and motivational program.  You DO NOT to be a fitness professional . . . you only need to have a passion for helping others succeed.  It’s great because you, yourself can look & feel great while using the products that you will, no doubt, want to share with others.  It’s a WIN/WIN!  There is a great compensation plan and lots of motivation and self-development for those who join this group.  My team of coaches consists of regular people – just like you . . . Office Administrators, Teachers, Event Planners, Accountants, Fitness Instructors, and Window Salesmen . . . all who are living the life they deserve!  Training is provided so each coach is set to succeed!  There are even amazing personal development events to attend so you are constantly LIFTED UP!  If you want to check out our team website:  Email me if you want to join my team . . . you won’t regret it:

DON’T WAIT TO START TRAINING FOR SPRING SPORTS . . . TRY OUR ELITE ATHLETE TRAINING Do you have an Elite Athlete that needs to improve their speed, agility, strength, power, quickness, or confidence?  Please call us . . . We have an amazing Elite Athlete Program for teens ages 13-18, so please check out our December Training Calendar.  In addition to our group sessions, we also offer one-on-one training private training, partner training (2 people) and semi-private training (a handful of their friends or team-mates).  We can help them address their weaknesses so they are ready for their next season.  Call us at 908-428-7978 or email:

!MPACT OFFERS ½ HOUR PERSONAL TRAINING SESSIONS Some people are pressed for time, others juggling finances . . . but one thing for sure, many of you are making fitness a priority.  You now have the option to come for a full, 55-minute personal training session — OR come for a 30-minute personal training session!  Call us for more info:  908-428-7978 or email:

PERSONAL TRAINING IS FOR ATHLETES TOO!:  If you have a young athlete (ages 7-18) who needs to set sports specific goals, let our trainers help you reach them with our one-on-one training sessions.  Whether your child/teen needs to work on running form to improve their 40-Yard Dash – or needs to work on speed & agility — needs to increase stamina, strength, or their vertical jump, our trainers will help you get there.  Our customized plans are based on each client’s specific goals – and we identify their strengths and weaknesses . . . then we get to work!  As mentioned in the previous paragraph, athletes who purchase discount 10 or 20-packs of personal training sessions are eligible to come for ONE FREE group training session per week.  They would greatly benefit from our Elite Athlete Training, and if they are 15 years or older, they can jump into any bootcamp or weight-training session for adults.  What a great way to train in the off-season or to stay conditioned during your regular season!  We offer personal training throughout the day – starting early morning, straight through till 9:00 p.m.  Just call us to let us know the time frame your child or teen would like to train, and we’ll match that up with our trainer availability.  Email Mike at:

BRING A FRIEND AND SAVE!:  If you are already a client at !MPACT and bring a friend, this could save you big money!  It’s our way of saying THANKS for bringing us more people like YOU!!  People who are caring and genuine . . . who want to get healthier and FIT!  Email Mike if you’d like to bring someone in for a free trial:

!MPACT COMMERCIAL @ HILLSBOROUGH CINEMA!:  If you haven’t seen it already, you will see this short commercial the next time you go to the movies . . . this is played before every movie at the Hillsborough Cinema! It gives you a sneak peak of just what goes on at !MPACT Training:


These are all businesses we have used and would highly recommend . . . everything from financial planning — to decorative cookie platters for a special occasion — to real estate — to plumbing!  We’ve got it all!

REVIVAL BARBER SHOP!:  Congrats to Jen Korab – owner of Renaissance Hair Salon, as they expanded and opened another shop called Revival!  This new BARBER SHOP will specialize in men’s haircuts and hot shaves, and will be located in the same strip mall as Renaissance Salon (411 Route 206 in Hillsborough – New Amwell is the cross street).  Revival is NOW OPEN!!!

RODAN & FIELDS Dermatology:  “You exercise to improve/maintain your body. Why not use awesome skincare to improve/maintain  your skin too!”  One of our clients, Colleen Schwarz, is so excited to launch her new business as an independent skincare consultant with Rodan and Fields Dermatologists  (of ProActive fame). Rodan and Fields has all skin types covered. Please feel free to call Colleen at 908 392 3144 or email her at to chat about what products would be best for you.

PREMIER COLLEGE FUNDING:  Getting into a college is only half the battle.  Figuring out how to pay for it is the other.  With ever rising college costs, affordability is on the minds of most parents and college-bound students today.  Are you concerned with how you will pay for your child’s college education?  Certified College Planning Specialist, Martin Nielsen, will show you strategies for how to get the best education for your child at the lowest possible cost.  We help families of all income levels find schools that offer maximum financial aid, guide them through the financial aid process and develop a cost-effective plan to pay for college, without sacrificing retirement or life savings.  Call today for a Free Consultation at 908-788-3799 or visit our website at .

NORZ HILL FARM:  I LOVE Norz Hill Farm in the summer when I am dying for their Jersey tomatoes and delicious corn, and look so forward to pumpkin picking in the fall.  And their fresh baked pies are amazing!   Now you have got to try their meats:  steaks, burgers, ham, bacon and more!  Visit their website for farm hours and activites/events . . . LOVE the owners (Debbie & Rich Norz) and LOVE that farm!

CIRCUS PLACE in Hillsborough has LOTS of new classes on their calendar! Something fun and different to do for your kids or YOU!  Check out their website: or email me the owner at: for more information!

SWEET PERFECTION by Maria:  If you need beautiful, customized cookies (as well as cupcakes and other special treats) for a special occasion, then you need to contact my friend, Maria Ryan.  She is so ridiculously talented . . . her cookies looks so pretty you hate to eat them . . . but you should be cause they are buttery and delicious!  She can design cookies for any occasion . . . birthday, baby shower, get-well, corporate events, anniversary, etc.  Contact Maria at:

METRO EXHIBITS:  This is !MPAPCT Training’s preferred partner for banners or trade show exhibits . . . We personally know the management and would highly recommend for banners for sports teams, fat heads of family, t-shirts or promo items all the way up to trade show exhibits.  Top notch and extremely professional.  They take all the guess work out of it for you!  Or email:  Brian Martin at: and tell him Hillarie sent you!

BRONZE AMBITION:  Best spray tan I ever had . . . hands down!  Rebecca Veronika not only knows how to apply an amazingly even and golden spray tan, but she is friendly and professional, and I would HIGHLY recommend her.  I’ve gotten LOTS of spray tans over the years when I was competing in Fitness & Figure competitions.  Those tans looked o.k. on stage, but when you got up close, they were streaky and very “orange”.  Bronze Ambition will come to you!  She comes fully equipped.  To contact Rebecca:  732-580-2747

RENAISSANCE SALON: Renaissance Hair Salon & Spa (located in the strip mall on Rt. 26 – near Dunkin Donuts & Sal’s Cleaners – at the top of New Amwell Rd.).  They offer a relaxing and welcoming environment that is both modern and chic. Their expertly trained stylists have a passion for what they do and make every decision with the guests needs in mind. They have combined exquisite and innovative services to create an experience like no other.  Renaissance stylists are trained in the latest techniques in order to remain on the cutting edge of hair care and creativity. When creating a new look, their stylists pay close attention to detail, and great consideration is placed on adaptability and suitability. This allows us to personalize each look to the individual’s facial features, hair type, and lifestyle. They are confident you will find their team among the finest anywhere. Visit their website to view our full menu of services, including facials, microdermabrasion, waxing, and full salon services.

ARBONNE: Christine Murphy, a dedicated client at !MPACT Training just launched her own business with Arbonne!  Arbonne is a highly regarded, premium brand with a Swiss heritage.  Their skincare, cosmetic & nutritional products are healthy, safe, botanically-based and inspired by nature.  The Arbonne experience starts with changing your skin, then it is about changing your life.  If you are interested in purchasing products, hosting an event, or starting a business, contact her at:

!MPACT MENU AT TENDER LOVIN GRILL (TLG):  If any of you haven’t made your way into the restaurant that is located at the corner of Rt. 206 and Amwell Road, you are really missing out.  Not only is the food delicious, but nothing is processed or frozen . . . everything on their menu is freshly made.  So I met with the owners of TLG, Steve and Maribeth to talk about implementing an !MPACT Menu – which would be delicious foods that are also calorie-conscious.  So if you live or work locally in Hillsborough, you can stop in to check out the !MPACT Menu and know you are staying on track with your weight-loss plan.  We will keep copies of the !MPACT Menu at our front desk so our clients can pick up lunch or dinner on days when they just don’t have time to cook a healthy meal.  And Steve & Maribeth will also have copies at their counter.  They have awesome food . . . you have to stop in to see them!  Lots of their regular menu items as well as their “Specials for the Week” are also super healthy and delicious.

BELLE MEAD PHYSICAL THERAPY: Are you dealing with ongoing pain?  Did you recently experience an injury?  Mark Nagel, Physical Therapist, would be happy to provide you with a FREE consultation so that you increase your range of motion and work towards being pain FREE!  Belle Mead Physical Therapy is located at 476 Amwell Road (right near the high school) in Hillsborough (908) 281-6515.

REALTOR: Are you looking to buy a new home or sell your current home? You really need someone who understands what you want and isn’t going to waste your time. Melissa is not only professional to deal with, but understands that families are the most important thing and so is the home they live in. Call Melissa Martin of Weichert Realtors – cell: 908-656-4070 or

MADCONNECTIONS TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS -who provided a complete set-up of our new computers at !MPACT!  Jaquim also helped me out last year when my home computer had some kind of a virus eating away at it — to the point where the screen went black.  But because I still had power on this computer, Jaquim was able to salvage all my data and most of all, my MUSIC!!  He cleaned it up and put my desktops stuff back in working order (i.e., Microsoft Office) — in addition to adding protection so this type of thing doesn’t happen again.  MADCONNECTIONS is a professional, affordable and reliable computer repair company.  Call them between 8:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. at 907-768-6534 or email:  MADCONNECTIONS@COMCAST.NET

STEPS TOGETHER:  This is a local charity dedicated to inspiring our community to paying their blessings forward and supporting families facing a medical crisis.  If you are looking for a great charity to get involved with, check out their website:  Courtney and Mike Newman (founders of Steps Together) are wonderful people – dedicating their lives to helping others.

20% OFF if you mention this add!!!!  A&B LANDSCAPING of Central NJ: 908-240-8784.  They do everything from lawn maintenance (cutting, edging, weeding, seasonal work, etc) and they also do landscape design, patio pavers and MORE!  Increase the value of your home by improving the appearance of your lawn, shrubs and landscaping!!!  They can make your house look like something out of Better Homes and Gardens!! Call today!

DOCTOR:  Looking for a doctor you can rely on? Take good care of your body, and go for regular check-ups and blood work . . . We can’t take good health for granted.  Come and meet the wonderful doctors in this group, like Ernest J DeLaCruz, MD (Board Certified in Internal Medicine), Montgomery Internal Medicine Group, 719 Route 206, Suite 100, Hillsborough , NJ (908) 904-0920

ITALIAN CUISINE:  Caffe Piazza – DINE-IN, PICK-UP OR CATERING AVAILABLE:  In addition to fine Italian dining and catering, Caffe Piazza also offers an!MPACT Menu – which are scrumptious meals that are a lower in calorie and carbs.  Just ask for this special menu if you are interested in lighter options.  Caffe Piazza is located on Route 206 in Hillsborough (in the same strip mall with Stop-N-Shop).  Let them cater your next affair!  (908) 359-9494

VIDEO PRODUCTION — KBARBELLA:  Kristyna Barbella – She has been doing all my video work, including our new Pay-it-Forward video!  She is so creative and professional, and you will love your finished product.  She also does web-design work.  Check out her website:

HILLSBOROUGH PODIATRY . . . Attention Hillsborough Residents – Marc Mizrachy is a fellow fitness enthusiast and also a well-recognized Podiatrist in town.  They are open 6 days per week including Saturdays and three evenings.  Hillsborough Podiatry Group — 719 Route 206, Suite 107, Hillsborough, NJ  08844 — (908)431-5901 –

WILLS:  Do you presently have a will?  It may sound like something you can put off, but wouldn’t you like to make sure your family is taken care of – just the way you want?  Tiffany Moore, Esq. can help simplify the process so you can rest easy, knowing everything is outlined properly – and she’ll make sure you don’t forget anything or anyone.  And we are not just talking about monetary issues – what about guardians for your children or your pets in the unfortunate event something happens to you?  Everyone should have a will — Don’t put it off another day . . . Gain piece of mind:  Call Tiffany @ (908) 797-3198 or email her @:

Organic Farm in Hillsborough:  Jon Knox and his wife, Kimberly, have started an organic farm at Duke Farms. Everything they grow is done following the USDA organic guidelines as part of their lease with Duke Farms and the Northeast Organic Farming Association (NOFA-NJ). Please check out their website or the detailed article from the Hillsborough Patch.  Both links are attached:   and

WILDTREE:  WE’RE MAKING COOKING QUICKER, EASIER, AND HEALTHIER ! From the appetizer to the dessert… Wildtree has it all.  Breads, Muffins, Pancakes & Crepes  – Culinary Blends – SoupsDips, Bread Dippers & Salsas Dressings, Marinades, Glazes & Sauces – All 100% Natural — No Artificial Additives, Preservatives, MSG, or Food Dyes –Made in a Peanut-Free Facility.  Offering In-Home Tasting Events If extra $$ each month would help your family, please contact me to learn more!  Betsy Toland  (908) 369-4698

UPPERCASE LIVING:  Betsy Toland If you love all the inspirational quotes and pictures on the walls at !MPACT, contact Betsy.  Uppercase Living brings the incredible expressiveness of words into homes, transforming them into more wonderful places to live.  Not only does Betsy provide a professional installation, but she also makes great suggestions with regards to colors and size.  These make beautiful accents for your home!  Wanna have an Uppercase Living Party at your home to get discounts on your own purchases, drop Betsy an email:

INTERIOR & EXTERIOR RENOVATION & BUILDER CO.:  Pro Builders Plus, Hillsborough – Walt handles everything from roofing and siding, to interior renovations, and additions, etc. – quality work at competitive prices:  Walt has done work for everyone in my neighborhood! References available: Call Walt at 908-369-7562 (references are available!).

FRANKLIN MEDICAL GROUP:  Dr. Steven DelMaestro (MD, Internal Medicine) of Hillsborough, NJ was approached to head up Franklin Medical Group – a new medical practice affiliated with Somerset Medical Hospital.  Before taking on this new venture, Dr. DelMaestro had his own practice for 22 years, operating out of his offices in New Brunswick and North Brunswick (NJ).  So . . . when is the last time you had a complete physical?  Your health is so important – and so is finding a doctor who cares and actually takes the time to get to know you and your health history.  Maybe you are presently getting medical care from a practice that is so huge – with so many different doctors that you feel it lacks that personal touch.  Make your health a priority:  908-685-2526 (located @ Franklin Commons, 454 Elizabeth Avenue, Suite 210, Somerset, New Jersey).

SPORTS PHYSICAL THERAPY:  This is a great place to go for any type of physical rehab – and boy, are did a great job on my lower-back pain!  They handle everything from ligament sprains to arthritic pain.  I have always had a strong core and lower back, but I guess my age (47), my strenuous training routine/6 days per week, and the long hours I spend on my feet every day as a trainer can often take a toll on my lower back.  Every now and again, it just tightens up and I am in a lot of pain.  I heavily rely on the physical therapists at Sports Physical Therapy to get me mobile and pain free again!  They have multiple locations, and one of the partners, Jeff Erickson, is a neighbor of mine – great guy!  Can’t say enough about what an awesome facility this is!  Hillsborough location:  908-359-8800, Princeton (609) 419-0455, Somerset (732) 565-5455, Flemington (908) 806-2000.

PLUMBER:  J. Johnson Plumbing & Heating, LLC.  Licensed and Insured (We’ve used him!  Great guy – very reasonable – and reliable).  Call “J” at 908-874-6619

Check out this great website to see what’g going on for kids in the area!:  This website lists all upcoming events and happenings for kids in our communities throughout New Jersey.  Log on to see the fun local happenings.

PODIATRIST:  Dr. Brandon Zuklie, LLC – Podiatrist: Treats any and all issues of the foot and ankle, from warts to stress fractures and all other athletic injuries.  Treats children as well as adults, and accepts most insurance plans.  Address:1161 202N Branchburg (in the same strip mall near Phil’s Pizza and Texas Liquor — by Imclone and Chubb).  Other offices in Piscataway and Monroe, NJ – for more info:

A TOUCH OF HEALING, LLC:  Meg Shelton, LMT, 485 Amwell Road,(Cornerstone Dental Building), Hillsborough . . . BY APPOINTMENT ONLY . . . Meg is also a Distributor of Young Living Essential Oils . . . Feel the benefits of regular massages — discount packages available.  Come to A Touch of Healing with a group of friends and your favorite party snacks and beverages.  Each person gets a massage in our treatment room while the rest of the group hangs out and relaxes in the lobby. For an additional fee we can add a workshop on Young Living Essential Oils).   Please call for more details!201-424-1409


December:  You owe it to yourself to start taking better care of your body.  At !MPACT, we hate the term “New Year’s Resolutions”  . . .  We are not looking to gain new clients just to have more “bodies” in our facility.  We are searching for people who are genuinely interested in making a change . . . making their fitness and their health a priority.  No more excuses – because Lord knows, we all have plenty of reasons to be too busy.  But we need to take control of what we can – because certain things are out of our control.  We try to squeeze so many things in – starting with:  drinking more water, trying to get at least 7 hours of sleep per night, dedicating time for training/exercising, making time to plan your meals and food shopping, and taking time for your spiritual/mental health.  It’s a process.  Don’t put it off, and please consider doing our 12-Week Mindset Program starting January 3rd.  It will change your life and help you feel a sense of balance – in addition to helping you reach your weight-loss goals.  If you ever feel like you need a quick conversation or phone call to help you set some goals, just give me a call 908-428-7978.

Have a great day and a healthy month, and try to slow down enough to enjoy the holiday season.  Easier said than done, I know . . . But try.  God Bless.


Post Author: Sean Fagan