Elite Athlete Training

Our elite athlete program challenges athletes to push themselves physically and mentally. No growth is accomplished without overcoming adversity. This program is for those who are dedicated and committed to becoming a better overall athlete.

We will train to:

⁃   improve Strength 

⁃   improve speed

⁃   Improve reactiveness 

⁃   Improve body awareness

⁃   Improve injury resilience

⁃   Improve mobility 

⁃   Improve flexibility 

Led by Coach Glenn Benson our coaches & trainers will utilize proven training methodologies and equipment to draw out your hidden athletic ability.

We will take into consideration the individual athletes functional weaknesses and strengths through assessment. This will allow the athletes to progress based on their current ability.

Notable Equipment on site

Speed and Agility Sandpit (P16’ x 4’)
InBody570 (FREE for Members)
Medicine Ball Rebounders
Ski Erg’s
Row Erg’s
Combat Bikes
Med Balls 3lbs-150lbs
Kettlebells 5lbs-100lbs
Obstacle Course/Ninja Warrior Equipment
50ft Climbing Rope
4 Cage/Racks
TRX & Rip Trainers

Bumper Plates
Lifting Chains
Prowler Sleds
30yd Turf Straight Away