Elite Athlete Training:

This type of training is offered through Personal Training — as well as Semi-Private Training (where you would get a few friends or team mates together and train privately at a fraction of the cost).  And this training is guided by our Elite Athlete Specialists to improve strength, speed, agility, balance, coordination and most of all confidence!  Weight training will be included since their bodies will benefit greatly — and rest assured, age-appropriate weights will be used based on each client’s abilities, with proper form being a huge priority.  If you are a high school or college athlete, get ready to take your game UP!  This training is for the SERIOUS athlete who wishes to get stronger and faster.  The philosophy behind this type of training is geared towards helping teens build strength and speed (full body workouts – including plenty of CORE training) through weight training — in addition to a variety of functional exercises, weighted drills, explosive exercises and athletic drills.  Many Olympic and professional athletes are now training this way since it is proven to be extremely effective.  This is a 50/55-minute workout and they will use cutting-edge equipment to help give them that competitive edge:

Agility Ladders
Cortex Trainer
TRX Suspension Training
TRX Rip-Trainer
Agility Dots and Rings
Weights (machines and free-weights) – for strength training
Medicine Balls
Slide Boards
Foam Rollers
Weighted Sleds
Weighted Ropes
Resistance Tubing
Agility Balls and more!

Elite Athlete Training is a great way to cross-train during their sports season or to develop skill in the off-season.  One of the biggest challenges for athletes is the ability to change direction quickly.  This training will get them ready for anything –so they are ahead of their competition.  It is also great for teens who just want to stay active and strong.   If your teen is excited about learning to weight train and needs strength training, core training, and speed training, this program will give him/her a great foundation!  Please note that if your teenager is 13+, they are also eligible to participate in our adult Bootcamps.  See our Unlimited Bootcamp Schedule HERE.

PRICING:  CLICK HERE for Personal Training & Partner Training Pricing — or call us for Semi-Private Training Pricing:  908-240-5560 (Sean – Owner)